Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Mailbox Project

For Valentine's Day I decided to decorate a Target mailbox (from the $1 bin) for Zoe and her little friend Riley.
I used the Paper from 3 bugs in a rug for all the coverings and the little cards.

Right now, they have the cards, and some little trinket type toys in them, but you bet your buttons we're stopping to stuff them with candy too!

We don't have any big plans for the night, just staying home (maybe a Heart Shaped Pizza is on order?)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Card for the hubbs

Hi Everyone!

In the past few days I've picked up the sewing machine I've been thinking about getting. Last night alone I made a 'comforter' (aka crappy little quilt) for Zoe's Zhu Zhu Pets and a pillow for them. That was fun, and today I've used it on Adam's Valentines card (because I left that last one out for him to see... opps, but turns out he never said anything so I don't think he really liked it anyways. This one though, is sure to wow him. :-)

I used a big, clear sentiment sticker, on graph paper, cut to size and adhered to a patterned cardstock from Bo Bunny's Easter Line in 2009 I believe.

The heart is punched with my sizzix original and a heart die. The burlap is actually from an old sack I've had in my trunk that I got to plant potatoes in... :-) Haven't gotten around to that yet, lol.

Hope you like!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Day Inspiration and Copy Cat Cards

Last night, I was flipping through my January/February Paper Crafts Magazine and they have a lot of beautiful cards for Valentines Day.

This one was that caught my eye, for the sheer fact that I was pretty sure I had about everything to re-create a similar version. I needed to make a card for someone still (that I LOVE to kiss... heehee, my husband of course! There isnt' really any threat of him finding this card out until Valentine's Day; because I'm not kidding anyone here: there is about a 1% chance of him checking my blog to see what I'm up to!)

This is a shot of page 45 of the Paper Crafts January/February 2011 issue.

(blow the horns here...) Here is my similar version. I know it's not totally the same, but close enough!

Hope you like it! :-)