About Me

I am a newly married, young mom to two kiddos, I am lucky enough to stay home with my little girl while my amazing hudband, Adam is busting his tail to provide for us, and get us all the toys we both love. He likes RC Cars, and is going to be starting racing them this season, and I am into papercrafting, baking, cooking, gardening, horses & photography... and anything else that can keep me busy.

Our little girl, Zoe was born October 2007. She is a spunky little monster who can tear apart a clean house in a matter of blinks. She loves everything pink & sparkly, along with anything liquid, fragile or potentially hazardous.

Our little guy, Knox was born April 10th, 2009. He was a mini version of Adam from the get go, and was always full of piss and vinegar. We loved him dearly, and always will. He passed away on August 18th 2009 at 4 months 8 days old due to the overwhelming damage to his little body when he was rescusitated after I found him unresponsive from SIDS.

We may have had a few things shatter our reality of life in the past year or so; but we are keeping positive, planning our wedding (a barn style, country wedding June 12th) and making sure that Zoe has the best time being a kid that she can. Everytime we think of something Knox didn't get to do, instead of being sad; we make sure Zoe has that opportunity to do or see those things as soon as we can!

We are involved with the Journey Program at Seattle Children's Hospital for bereaved families and the TEARS Foundation of Washington. I also am trying to get started with photojournalism, and potrait photography. I love all things photo, camera and art related. Generally if I don't know something I am anxious to learn! Please feel free to let me know if you would be interested in my photo services! I would love to have subjects to practice on.