Tuesday, February 27, 2018

love can't stop death

Today I heard of your death. Adam looked at me, and said 'what happened to her?' and I don't know. I have my own assumptions, but I'm not sure and I hope it was peaceful for you. Unfortunetly, all I see in my head is you kicking and screaming, telling whoever you met up there that you aren't ready to be there. I bet you didn't get to do your makeup or hair, and you have plans with your family. Today, I cried for you. I cried for your family. Your husband, your children and the life you created.

I don't know if it was your demons catching up with you, or some sort of freak accident. I don't know anything. I just know you're gone and I see all over social media that it's true and no one can wrap their head around it.

We didn't meet until we were adults already. I think I was 18 and you must have been 22-23. I looked up to you in a big sister type of way. I watched you grow from a young married girl, to a wife, and I watched you bloom into a mother. I remember taking pictures of her when she finally came. She looks exactly like her dad, she still does. But, the love I saw in your eyes for her was one that I didn't think I'd ever see for you. You didn't want to be the mom type. You never wanted a mini van, or a house full of kids (at least that I knew of during our early 20's). But, once I saw you with her- I knew you were meant to do this job. You drove that mini van, you mommed hard.

I remember seeing you and your husband at Knox's funeral. Outside the front door of Purdy & Walters, the funeral home. I remember you telling me how sorry you were that he was gone and that you didn't even know what to say. It was honest, and it was the truth, because you guys were people we had gotten close to during that part of our lives. You had your hair down, styled perfectly and you looked so uncomfortable. Your eyebrows and lipstick were perfect, but you didn't know how to handle the overload of emotions. I know it was because you didn't know what to say or do. So you stood silently with me, while I watched the world moving in a blur around me. You handed me a smoke when I wanted it, even if I didn't 'need' it.

When we lived in Marysville the first time, on the reservation. It ended up being not too far from your dad's house. We would walk, and talk and just chat. Both of us needed a friend and it just worked at the time. Pushing Zoe up and down that road. Talking while we looked at the water in the summer of 2010.

I'm not one to claim we were best friends. We had our moments where we got to know each other, and we drifted apart too. But, I knew if I needed something I could call you. We would randomly reach out to each other when when we saw something that reminded one of us of the other.

Tonight, I will hold my girls closer. I let them stay up late. I'm up late nyself blogging in a place no one reads because I can't get you out of my head.

Dude, we're in our 30's, it shouldn't be our time to go yet. With tears streaming down my face I feel another reminder that life is so precious. It can be cut short in a moment. We will never be able to see if our kids or families know how much we love them.

I love you, friend. I'm thankful I got to know you and witness some awesome parts of your life. I'm thankful for you being in important parts of mine. From the most unknown part of my heart; I'm so sorry for not reaching out and making sure you were okay. I'm sorry for assuming that you had the help and support you needed. I know your family loves you so much, but love can't stop death.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Last night, I dreamt of him again.

It’s been a long while since I’ve seen him in my dreams and it was clear as day. It’s evident that my whole mindset has been spiraling around the idea of him with the loss of Bigfoot. 

Sometimes when I’m quiet, I wonder where we do go. I know that the elaborate kingdom is the location for us. Where we are greeted by those we love and miss. I just wonder if there has to be something more. 

How is someone so far away, yet so close to our minds. 

I can feel him around me some days. Today was hard. It’s been almost 9 years and it still feels like the wound was scrubbed clean and is freshly bleeding after being so close to touching him in my sleep. My chin quivers and my eyes wetten at the thought that I was so close to touching him again, but couldn’t. 

For years, I’ve sworn him off. I’ve asked, I’ve prayed and I’ve cried for him to not visit me in my dreams because I just couldn’t take the pain of waking up. I can’t leave him behind anymore. Waking up is only possible because of the two living angels and the man who just sort of ‘gets’ the kind of crazy I have. 

Once I awaken from a night with him; the day seems to hurt more. We jump back to my psychotic nightly crying in 2010. I see glimpses of myself then, and I know I’m a stronger woman now. 

How strong am I really if I can’t make it through a day without breaking down after spending a small amount of time with him. 

I find myself moody. I’m testy. Touchy even. Nothing is right. No one can do things that are right. Nothing makes me forget about seeing him last night. Every thought, every action reminds me of how close I was to seeing him. 

Maybe tonight will bring another visit. I’m not sure I’m ready. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

LuLaRoe Kid's Styles and Sale Pricing!

LuLaRoe carries some pretty dang adorable kid's styles! They have leggings (of course) in kids sizes, plus tee shirts, and multiple styles of dresses!

Piper's favorite these days is the newest release; the Scarlett dress.

Zoe isn't a dress girl, but she tried this on for me, and LOVED it! 
Scarlett Retail $35

We also love the Mae dress, which has POCKETS. (that solidifies the choice in our house!) It is shown on Piper (the little one!) below. Zoe is rocking a Gracie tee shirt, with leggings. 

 Mae Retail $32
Gracie Retail $28

Biankas make an amazing cover for those warm days. Piper is showing us hers here: 

Bianka Retail $28

Piper is truly our dress loving girl. She would sleep in a dress and wear a dress everyday if we'd let her. And mostly, we do. :) Below she is showing the Adeline dress.  

Adeline Retail $30

Of course there are kid leggings too! They come in S/M which is recommended for 2T-5/6, L/XL is recommended for 6-10 and Tween is for 7/8- womans 0. 

We find that our girls wear a range of the leggings sizes. Piper wears the s/m AND the l/xl. Zoe wears the l/xl AND tween. 

We have a current sale going on, over at www.shoplularoegirlyandguy.com 

Our kids sale prices are as follows: 
Bianka, Sloan, Gracie are $5 off each (sale price of $23 each )
Adeline is $6 off each (sale price of $24 each)
Scarlett is $7 off each (sale price of $28 each) 
Kid's Leggings sale pricing is 2 for $36 or $20 each 

Sale is open through 6/25/17 at 9pm PST. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

some personal truths about LuLaRoe

So you've heard of LuLaRoe.

Maybe through friends, maybe surfing online you stumbled upon an article about how quick this online clothing company is growing.

Did you see a hashtag on Instagram? Something about #beacauseoflularoe or #lularoe?

I would bet you know someone who sells the products. It's possible you have a girlfriend who sells it. If you haven't jumped on the LuLaBus yet, maybe you're still trying to figure out exactly why everyone is hooked on the stuff?

I'm as thrifty is the next mom and I can tell you that in January 2016 when I first stumbled upon LuLaRoe through a friend doing a party online, I wasn't willing to buy anything except for the leggings. I bought a pair of leggings and did a porch pickup of them from a local gal, who I ended up chatting with for almost an hour and it peeked my interests. Since then, I have found that these clothes are so much more than just another expensive clothing brand. There is literally a movement and a culture surrounding these clothes.

My husband saw a change in me. Instead of wearing Yoga pants and a hoodie everyday, I started wearing leggings with cute tunics, or even a skirt with a cute top. I own dresses, people. THAT is a big deal. I have friends who were introduced around the same time frame, and even though we aren't the same sizes, we share our clothes. We enjoy styling outfits and dressing up. Even if it is just to have a play date.

A lot of woman lose themselves when they become moms. Priorities 1-10 include keeping the children alive, a clean home, everyone fed, a happy husband and the list goes on and on. Priority 1000083247943209 is about self care. I literally got up everyday, did my hair or pulled it back and slipped into clothes that were cozy and not puked, poop or snot covered and called it a day. After LuLaRoe, I'm just as comfortable, but I FEEL cute too. Everyone loves a good compliment, even if it's as simple as 'cute pants'.

So, as of February 2017, My husband and I 'on boarded' as retailers for LuLaRoe clothing. My husband has always stood behind me in whatever I choose to do, and after seeing how happy these clothes really can make a person, I knew I needed to be a part of it. The main way that a retailer earns income from selling LuLaRoe is by selling the clothing. Like any other retail business, you buy it at wholesale and then you sell it retail. Pretty simple. Like all direct sales companies, there are of course other ways in the company to earn money. Growing a team of downline retailers to sign up under you, make it so you can earn bonuses and profit sharing from the company.

So back to that first pair of leggings; they are black and gray tie-dye looking leggings and they're labeled Tall/ Curvy. I have found that they are the most comfortable pants I've ever worn! They've held up amazingly and I still have them to the day, well over a year after I bought them. I've worn them for running, working out, yoga and generically just for 'momming'. After I got that first pair of leggings, I took a leap and got a T-shirt. I can honestly say from the minute I put that shirt on (it had a name! An Irma) I knew there was more to look at with these clothes than just leggings.

I've spent the last year and a half learning all about this company, the clothes and the culture that goes with.

Head over to https://www.facebook.com/groups/LuLaRoeGirlyandGuy/ to see what the fuss is all about!

LuLaRoe Classic Tee, worn backwards!

Before we start, I want to show you where you can grab you new favorite shirt:


There are so many variations of 'hacks' for LuLaRoe products. Have you tried a classic tee yet?

My favorite tee shirt is by far the Perfect Tee. I was over in Forks, WA at a friends and she had on a classic tee. Instead of it being worn the traditional way, she went up 2-3 sizes and then wore it backwards.

Cutest look ever! So, today I tried it. On myself, and my oldest daughter. I grabbed as 3XL for my self, and an XS for her (since she is 9!)

here is her in an XS classic. backwards, to bring up the neckline, and tied to bring in the waist.

Here is me in a 3XL. My real size is an XL. 

A little better (but darker!) photo from outside. 

Tell me, have you ever tried a classic backwards? 

Join us here to see other ways we style our LuLa. https://www.facebook.com/groups/LuLaRoeGirlyandGuy

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Happy Momma's day to all our friends, customers and family! We are so thankful for all the wonderful
Moms we know! Being a parent is the hardest hit best job in the world, so... happy Mother's Day to all the moms of kids, moms of adults, dads who have to be mom, moms who have to be mom & dad, and everyone else who ever stepped up to do a 'mom job'. ❤️

This is a photo of Adam and I with the girls at my moms house yesterday! We went out to grandma ree's and had lunch with some of my siblings, and Adams mom & husband! We had lots of fun sitting around chatting, eating and playing croquet.

For a chance to win a pair of leggings (maybe to give to your mom!??) drop a photo over in the shopping group of what you did for the day to celebrate Mother's Day! 

In this photo, I have on a LuLaRoe Limited Edition Mimi sweater, leggings and an irma (you can't see it!) The sandals are from Target last summer and are my favorite shoes ever! 

I was spoiled with the Outlander DVD's I wanted, a magnolia tree, kids crafts/goodies, cupcakes, and a surprise Teddy Bear Hamster that comes with a crazy story!

I will save it for another day! 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

All those dreams....

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Every morning. #firstworldproblems

Having a boutique in your home is such a fun thing.

It's such a blessing to our whole family.

One problem with it is that every morning I think 'Oh! There is a (fill in the blank with a style) that would look great with (something I own)'.

I'm constantly reminding myself I really don't need new clothes!

Cinco De Mayo

I was poking around the internet, looking at recipes for Cinco De Mayo. I think we're going to go with tacos, margaritas and chips and dip. Easy peasy. 

One of my favorite things is history. In case you didn't know; you should know that I attempted college to become a history teacher, and after doing terrible the very first quarter I realized regular college just wasn't for me. So here I am, running an office and selling clothes! I think it worked out in my favor! 

Did you know that Cinco De Mayo is a holiday that is celebrating the Mexican Army's victory over the French at the Battle of the Puebla. This was during the Franco-Mexican War in 1861-1867. It is actually a really minor holiday in Mexico, but has turned into sort of a celebration of Mexican heritage/culture in the US.  

What are you going to do to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in your house?