Wednesday, May 31, 2017

LuLaRoe Classic Tee, worn backwards!

Before we start, I want to show you where you can grab you new favorite shirt:

There are so many variations of 'hacks' for LuLaRoe products. Have you tried a classic tee yet?

My favorite tee shirt is by far the Perfect Tee. I was over in Forks, WA at a friends and she had on a classic tee. Instead of it being worn the traditional way, she went up 2-3 sizes and then wore it backwards.

Cutest look ever! So, today I tried it. On myself, and my oldest daughter. I grabbed as 3XL for my self, and an XS for her (since she is 9!)

here is her in an XS classic. backwards, to bring up the neckline, and tied to bring in the waist.

Here is me in a 3XL. My real size is an XL. 

A little better (but darker!) photo from outside. 

Tell me, have you ever tried a classic backwards? 

Join us here to see other ways we style our LuLa.

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