Monday, May 1, 2017

Fundraiser for Phenyx

This weekend I was so lucky! One of my closest friends daughter is fighting a very rare brain cancer. Because of it, the could use some help raising funds to keep her getting the best care possible and making it possible for her mom to stay with her constantly.

The Fundraiser this weekend was called the Phe-Fa-Cup!

I was given a large area to set up all of our LuLaRoe and sell clothing to benefit the family also. Zoe came along in the morning and ended up getting to play on Phenyx's team.

Look how amazing the raffle prizes are!

Check out our set up for the day!

We sold a bunch of great stuff, and got Phenyx all set up with a few cozy, cute outfits for her to wear and love through her fight. <3 nbsp="" p="">

I brought my camera to take photos but was so busy chatting with people and selling LuLaRoe that I only got one. And honestly, it's the most important picture of the day. My sweet Zoe with her buddy Pheynx. <3 all="" and="" at="" been="" before="" country="" doctors="" flew="" has="" her="" home="" in="" midnight="" momma="" nbsp="" night="" of="" out="" over="" p="" phe-fa-cup.="" phe="" seeing="" she="" sorts="" state="" the="" to="" treatments.="" try="" with="">

If you're at all interested in donating to help the family keep up with Phe's treatments, please so so here!

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