Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crafty Idea of the day...

A local scrapbook store ( ) in my area is hosting a 'stash bash' in April, and as I was digging through my scraproom, pulling out all the stuff I have in my stash that never gets used anymore, or I bought multiple of for a good price and then didn't love and have never used the new, unopened ones again. Anywhoo, I will be taking over a big, heavy box to Lila's with my old Sizzix Original, Sizzix /Sidekick, lots of dies, alphabet sets (like three of them!) that I bought back when those puppies were like $100 each. Hopefully, someone will buy that stuff for cheap (we're talkiing like $10 for the sidekick & plates, and $12 for the original, with a converter and plate. All my dies I put at $2 and sets are $20) Lots of adhesives I never fell in love with and all kinds of crazy things.

So, back to the pulling things from the stash- I found a roll of Tulle and elastic that I bought wayyyyyy back when and then lost in my scraproom that I was going to make Zoe a tutu with. It's turning out pretty cute, but I'll have to go back to Joanne's or Michaels and get more tulle, I assumed that one 12 yard roll of 6" tulle would be enough. Right now, it looks like a tutu for a barbie!

I can't wait to see what 'it will turn out like, since it's looking cute. I think when I get tulle at the store, I'll buy a few colors, and maybe some felt to cut shapes with, and then sew them onto the little tulle whispies..... hmmmm....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

more recent cards....

I've made quite a few cards lately, but these have been my favorite!

I made the one above for a friend who recently told me she is, in fact pregnant! I am so excited for her!

This one is for the in-laws in Michigan and it says 'Happy Easter!'

...that shown off, I REALLY need to mail it! lol

This one I got the idea from Robyn, at and loved the idea of the butterfly. I don't usually like butterflies, but this one from the Cricut New Arrivals Cartridge is super cute, I cute it without a face, and probably will keep it until I get the Peechy Keen Everyday Assortment of stamps I want! (
Enjoy! :-)