Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunshine Award from Kristina!

Kristina over at Kristina's World gave me a sunshine award today! Thanks so much Kristina!

My Bridal Shower Invitations

I posted Jessica's bridal shower invitations that I made, along with a recipe for them and actually our weddings are similar colors.
These are the ones I made for my mom & maid of honor who are hosting my shower. I didn't have enough of the same patterns to make all of them the same, so I had to make two designs, which both turned out cute!!

The light pink paper is Core'dinations Gemstones collection, dark pink is basic cardstock, same with the white. The orange pattern is from the DCWV Flower Shower spring stack. The pink polka dot paper is from Lila's and think it's from Basic Grey, green at heart.

The base is 4X4, and each layer is just a 1/4" smaller. The white paper, with the printed information ended up being 2.75X2.75.

I hope you like them!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

RC photos

I know I'm late this week, with the whole man corner thing, but I haven't really been taking photos of RC stuff much since Adam's little shoot I did!

Since it was sunny, and sort of warm today, we spent some time at J&S where the boys got to play with their cars. Zoe had a great time figiting around in the car messing with everything possible and found a plethera of new things that I had forgotten about. Popsicle mold, clothes and even a candy filled easter (yuck, but whatever, right?!) Of course, it was a perfect opportunity to take some photos for Adam's buddy Logan, who wanted some of his car ('like Adams,' he said)
The red car is Adam's and Logan's car is the white one.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tropical Themed Bridal Shower Invites

I know in my prevous posts, I've been talking a lot about a wedding in Hawaii, and the bridal shower I am planning for Jessica. I put the finishing embellishments onto the bridal shower invites I made the other night, just this afternoon. We're still finalizing dates, times, etc so I haven't printed the vellum for the 'wording' layer yet, but I'll get a photo up once it's 100 % done.

Of course, the upper photos are of the side that will have the wording and printed vellum over it. The base paper is Metallic Cardstock from Joanne's open stock, but into quarters, to make them 4.25" X 5.5". The 'bridal shower' printed paper, was 12"X12" Open stock at Joannes also, by DVWV. It is cut at 3.75"X5" The orange under layer is actually orange core'dinations core collection open stock paper that was 12"X12" and cut down to 4"X 5.25". After ATG'ing it all together, I cut the cake with the blackout feature from the Sweet Treats Cartridge @ 3" along with all the layers, and whatnot. The rhinestones are from Lila's in Everett, a pack of 60 (and they are sticky on the back) is only $1.49! All of the printed 'cake' paper is Basic Grey's Green at Heart, and the solids on the cakes, are from the DCWV Mi Casa Solid stack. The stamp, 'cheers!' is from a Studio G, by Hampton Arts stamp- I believe it's from Valentines day.
Here is a link to the card I made earlier in the week!


Have I ever mentioned?

That my favorite music ever is Jason Aldean's songs? I absolutely love every song he's ever put out, and honestly I'm addicted. I'm going through the lists of songs that are in the 'must' list for our upcoming wedding, and I feel like a nerd with a bunch of Jason Aldean songs.

The song that came out shortly after Knox was born, was 'Big Green Tractor' by Jason Aldean, and I was notorious for dancing around my house with Knox in my arms singing away- which is why for the wedding we are doing this song, as a parent/child dance. I'm going to get to dance with Zoe, since Knox won't be there, but I want to include him in the party.

Grab the button!

I made a button, and stuck it over on the side... feel free to grab it and link up to my blog.

Monday, April 26, 2010

My first blog award!

Lauren B, over on Lauren's Creative she was kind enough to send an award my way! I'm so thrilled with it! I adore Lauren's Creative because she totally helps me to stretch what I know and am comfortable with to try new projects and whatnot. Also, her daughter is about the same age as mine, and I love to see the layouts and other things she does for her little girl and honestly, I totally copy her sometimes! (sorry Lauren, it's true- but I ALWAYS give you credit!) She makes some of the most adorable and unique projects and her posts motivate me each day! Thank you sooooooo much Lauren!
So I am passing on this Happy 101 Award to 5 bloggers that I really enjoy also!
Can I send an award back to someone? I don't really know all the technical rules and regulations on blog awards, but I want Lauren to have it and win! Really, her blog is probably my favorite to follow!
Sammy @ Cricut Butterflies - she has adorable Cricut related projects that are so stinkin cute, you would pinch their cheeks if you could!
Kristina @ Kristina's World I love following just to see the projects!
I hope it's not a bad thing to only have three instead of 5! :-)
My ten things that make me happy are:
1. My daughter: she is challenging, but I'm always learning and she never stops want to learn either! She also keeps me on my toes.
2. My fiance. I have to say I have one of the most supportive fiances EVER. He never underestimates me, and constantly encorages me to step out of my comfort zone (as far as my craftiness). He also brings home really awesome surprises and makes sure I basically always have the things I really want!
3. My job. I am a stay at home mom (which actually means I am a domestic engineer), co-pile-it (clean stalls at Horse Head Quarters one day a week).
4. My upcoming wedding, although I hide it, and don't really ever show my excitement, I am thrilled to marry my best friend and have a big fat party (at a barn!) to celebrate!
5. My camera. It never fails me! Also, without it I think I would forget a lot of events and memories. I am so forgetful, but so lucky I am addicted to my camera so I never get to forget that time Knox spit up in the car on the way home from Spokane when it was like 90 degrees outside, or the time he started laughing an I actually caught his adorable hick-up laughing on camera.
6. Gardening, it's just so relaxing! Watching things grow that I've neglected or over-cared for still amazes me. I am notorious for over loving, or neglecting. There really is no middle of the road on that.
7. My scraproom. Again, I kind of stole this from Lauren but I love my scraproom! I could spend all my time in there, with no problems.
8 & 9. Horses, and my mother. For most people, they would say 'how do horses and your mom go together?' but they just do. She is the most beautiful lady in the world, inside and out and her love for horses has totally not skipped a generation. Without her, I would not be the person I am and without the horses, I would be an underworked nut!
10. Candy, really a simple love, but I have to biggest sweet tooth.
Thanks Lauren for the award! You have made my day!

Mattson/Stalker Family shoot at Snoqualmie Falls

I promised a post on the photoshoot I've been looking forward to. I haven't had an excuse to go up to Snoqualmie Falls, and really since I don't want to haul Zoe down and back up the trail, over the boardwalk onto the rocks I REALLY have to reason to go with her, and without her I neededan excuse. Lucky enough for me, Lyle loves this place and wanted to do engagement pictures and a family photo shoot their. So, since we both live in BFE, but BFE an hour and a half or so apart, we met at the Factoria Mall and I got to carpool with them up to the falls. This is my nephew, Noah skipping around on the rocks, and being goofy. He is adorable and always such a smartpants that I love being around him! What isn't to love about an adorable 7 year old with glasses and a faux hawk?!

I had a blast doing this shoot yesterday. Lyle and Jessica wanted to do some more engagement photos at Snoqualmie Falls, and Jessica had the kids, so they came along. I got to take a bunch of photos of the whole family, just the kids and Lyle & Jessica. Of course, I snuck in a few of the falls and other nature type things.
This is my brother, Lyle and his soon to be step daughter, Turkey. Her name is not really Turkey, and no one else is allowed to call her Turkey. Only James Van Der Beek (which is what Turkey calls Lyle, and I'm not kidding. Like really, she calls him that instead of his name. We went to Nike and she was talking to him in her squeeky 5 year old voice, saying 'James Van Der Beek, can we get candy when we leave here. Please James Van Der Beek!' hilarious, and it will be even more funny when she gets to a teenager and realizes that isn't a made up name!

I hope you enjoy the photos! After I get some time to look through the photos from a shoot, and edit away, and whatnot I'm still impressed with what I am capable of! It's so nice to look at pictures and think 'man, all that over analyzing I did when I took it really paid off!'
I'll get a post on here later with the photos of Jessica's Bridal Shower invitations I whipped up yesterday. Also, there is a really exciting post to follow this one, probably within minutes! :-)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hawiian Wedding Card and update!

It's been a few days since I have really had a chance to sit down and get a post or project up here. With potty training going on, and all of the other hectic events life brings, this is my first real chance to sit down on the computer!
I can say I think Zoe is basically potty trained. She hasn't had but a handful of accidents since we started and I think it helps I waited until she was beyond ready.

Last night, mommy and daddy had the night off, Zoe stayed over at her nana's house so we could go watch sprint cars at the speedway, but of course being that we live in western washington- it was rained out. No crisis for me, I didn't mind sitting at Don's diner and enjoying a taco salad and then coming home and doing some crafting while Adam worked on his car.

Most of you know, my brother is getting married in July, and they are going to Maui to do so! We're going with and calling it our honeymoon even though it's about a month after our wedding. Over on Lauren's Creative she made a gorgeous tropical wedding card a while back, and motivated me to make one too! In my lifetime I can count the weddings I've been to on one hand, and now that I'm in my 20's it seems they are rolling up all the time! Anywhoo, this is the card I made for my brother and his bride to be.

I used the Sweet Treats Cartridge, and paper from Green at Heart. The card base is Raspberry Fizz from Papertrey Ink the little flowers are from Jolee's and I got them at Lila's Scrapbooking. Ribbon is from Abbey Road.

The cake is cut at 4 inches and assembled with Scotch Quick Dry glue, since I couldn't find my Zig 2 way glue pen!

Today, I'm headed to Snoqualmie Falls to take another set of engagement pictures for my brother and his fiance. I'm looking forward to getting some shots of the falls as well. Maybe if I get a chance, I'll stick some photos of that up tonight.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dawn's Addiction Photo Shoots!

I am going to take the dive, and start on portrait photography. I need to get business cards printed, and various other things done, and in order to do so need to schedule some shoots!

I am offering a 1-2 hour shoot, with a CD of all digital images and of course I'll edit some of them (so you get b&w, and various other effects) all for $50!

I will do children, families, pets or whatever you'd like. The kicker is that you'd be open to being in my portfolio.

Call me if you'd like to schedule something, or email me and we'll make plans! or 425-238-9699



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Card Patterns Sketch 60

Each week, I've been trying to stretch my mad skills a little further and further from my comfort zone. This week over at CardPatterns, sketch 60 was

I actually make two cards for this one, because I really liked it, and the first one I couldn't include all of my ideas onto! This was my first one, and I loved using the vintage flowers, but did not like what I kept coming up with for the middle!

This is number 2:
I hope you enjoy them! I did making them!

Sympathy Card

It's no secret on here that our son, Knox died at 4 months from SIDS. It's been just over 8 months now, since he died and his first birthday was recent. It's a horrible thing, and completely sporatic and random, as far as our son being super healthy, happy and adorable dying without any warning. Nothing can prepare someone for losing a child.

On the Cricut message boards, there is the job of being a 'card fairy' and I signed up right away to send cards to people who need cheering up, hellos, happy birthdays or anything else people ask for. My first mission to make a card for a family who lost their 9 month old son last week. I don't actually know them, their family or anything about the situation, other than it was completely out of nowhere and wasn't expected or prepared for. I was trying to think of the cards that meant the most to me when I got them after Knox died. We appreciated every card, but I think the most meaningful was a book from a friend, who had also lost a child. Her beautiful daughter, Kailey Pearl was stillborn. I've known this friend for a long while, we met working together and I grew to love her like a big sister. I really didn't know about her daughter until we started spending time together outside of work, and of course before I had children. I didn't know how to react or how to feel when she shared Kailey's story and little belongings with me at the time, now I know that was probably the most generous open-hearted thing she could have done; sharing her child's belongings with someone she didn't know very well.

Anyways, after Knox died my friend gave me a book at his funeral, and I read it cover to cover fairly quickly, it meant a lot to me to know that people can be 'okay' and survive something so horrible. For the family, I made a pretty simple card, because it doesn't mean anything extra for it to be fancy. I am also mailing them a few books I've enjoyed reading, and meant a lot to me. Like I said, I don't know them from adam but I hope that the books I send will at least help them to begin healing. I'm also including a letter I wrote for the wife and one for the husband as well. I don't think that people remember that the husbands are hurting too, people are too busy thinking about the moms. I know we had a lot of support, but it just isn't as mainstream to be there mentally for the husbands while they try and hold the pieces together, and provide for the family at the same time.

Potty Training: Day 2 & wacky wednesday

She was watching some construction workers doing something in the street, and it was super cute and I decided to try for some window shots. She thought is was so cool she could squish her nose with the glass!

so far, we had a dry night! She did pee her pants once we'd gotten up and I was taking her to the potty, but a big achievement to be dry all night!
We did a bunch of photos today, because I just love her dirty face, and she was feeling quite proud of herself that I let her wear pants since it's colder today (and she is only supposed to be in panties until she's fully potty trained). She was acting like a wack job (she's two, so I guess it's not a shock!) and being super cute, except that she kept running from me and screaming. I'm sure you can guess which photos I have of her screaming.

Tonight, Adam and I will be taking the time to clean the 'scrap-shop' so I'm sure I'll have a project to share later. Also, I am working on my bridal shower invitations, and they are looking cute, so maybe those will get showed off too!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 day Potty Training, has begun.

We're using the 3 day potty training method recommended by a few friends to get rid of diapers.

We've had at least two friends who swear by this method, and really I've just been lazy with potty training, and I know she's ready (since she pees on the potty when she feels like it) so this morning, we started with bagging up all the diapers and throwing them away. (Well, after taking off last nights diaper and peeing on the potty first thing.

So far, she's rocking along and peed 4 times on the potty since about 9 o'clock and it's only 10:26.

Wish us luck!

UPDATE: We are doing SOOOOOOOOOO good for the first day. I've stuck with the no pants rule, and she's played in her panties all day. She hasn't pee'd her pants once! She did have a poopy accident, but I think thats okay. What a big girl!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Adam's Corner

So, it's pretty obvious what my hobbies are. Clearly photography & paper crafts.

I thought I would focus on Adam for a post or so. Other than talking crap about his messy side of my scrapshop and whatnot, I thought I'd focus on his hobby.

It's actually pretty cool. I can say, I DO support it!

I did some photos of his newest baby at the track, once he got it all tuned and running. It is a Losi, but thats all I know! :-)

What does your husband or significant other do to entertain themselves while you feed the need for you addiction?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gina's Birthday Bonanza!

For Gina's Birthday, we all signed up for Biker Babe Gay Bingo in Fremont, that benefited the AIDS Alliance. A great cause, and awesome time! Lots of the ladies dressed up as biker babes, I myself, opted out not knowing what I would be getting myself into, but it was a blast!

I also took some cool photos in Fremont, during the walk back to the car. This is just one of them.
So, funny story for the night, and a little background.
Every night since her birthday, Zoe has been watching this movie, Mickey's Adventure in Wonderland, right? It's called her 'cuckoo' movie. She asks for it almost every night. Well, it's been lost for the last few weeks so she's been asking for cuckoo, and I haven't been able to come through. We lost the DVD and it hasn't been seen in a while.
Tonight, Seattle Weekly asked if they could take our (myself, marion, arlene & valerie) photo for their upcoming something or other, and in exchange, we'd get to spin for a prize. So, the ladies waited in the drink line, and I spun the wheel, and won my choice of a DVD. What DVD was in the stack?! The Cuckoo movie. No crap! So cool, zoe has another cuckoo movie, and I have some closure. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Gina's Birthday Book!

So, I have been working working working on this little book since yesterday at about 2 o'clock. Through naptime, through dinner, etc. I finally finished it this morning, and away it goes tonight to a friend for her birthday!

For her birthday we are going to 'Birthday Bingo Bonanza' so I am taking along my camera, and will be shooting all evening so she has photos to fill it with.

I love how it turned out, and actually like it enough to try and justify keeping it for myself, but since my blog is keeping me honest (lol) I made it for Gina, and to Gina it goes!

Here are the pages, and down lower, is a close up of all the pages....
For this project I used:
ATG gun + Scotch Quick Dry Glue
Paper from Bazzill, DCWV, Green at Heart, Memory Keepers & Bo Bunny
Ribbon from Joannes, Brads Eyelet Outlet
Glitter Glue is G Studios, along with the ink I used to ink the pages.
Flowers are Memory Makers
Of course, my cricut expressions and sweet treats cartridge.

The base is actually a Saltine's Cracker box instead of chipoard! :-)

I attached it all together with eyelets, and clear small zip ties, since I don't have time to stop and bind it! :-) Enjoy!!


Birthday Present!

I didn't post at all yesterday. I spent my day running errands, and then when we finally got home I had acquired lots of new goodies from Lila's Scrapbooking in Everett which was one of my errands.

I pretty much got to use a little of everything to make a cupcake shaped mini book a friend, who I am going to play Bingo with tonight! I can't wait to show it to her, and I'll add some photos later. I'm still ho-humming on how I'm going to bind it, but I'll figure it out!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Card Patterns Sketch 59

I made this today for CardPatterns Sketch 59.
I hope it is enjoyed! I like how it turned out, and it is going to my mother in law, out in Swartz Creek, MI.
I needed to get on the mother's day cards for my mother in law, as well as my own mom. The one for my mom I don't need to mail for a while, but usually the cards I send to MI always take like a week.
Off it goes!!!!!!!

When the cats not paying attention, the mouse will make a mess with 4lbs of sugar

Have you ever wondered what 4 pounds of sugar looks like? I haven't.

While I making my last post about how adorable my child is, she kept trying to make me come in the kitchen, saying 'momma, come'er!' and I kept telling her to hold on, and she did.

Then I found this:
I'm glad I just dumped the vacuum canister, because I definetly needed all the space I could get for the sugar!