Monday, April 5, 2010

Dawn (& Adam's) Scrap-Shop

I took photos of my scraproom tonight, with the hopes of showing off how much space you totally don't have to have. Being that I am a Virgo, of course it is organized manic-ly and in tip top shape before I could photograph it (ha! right, minus the random crap all over the floor, we could almost make a game out of ...where is.... rainboots?! a torn in half toddler sock... a puppy chew toy... etc).

Please note that I DO share the room with my 2-year daughter, who has her own little table so she can work like mom, as well as her daddy who has about half the room, and the whole closet all set up for him to work on his RC Cars in. So I guess, it's really like 'Dawn & Adam's scrap-shop'. It does the job, and down the road, after we get married in June and I end up knocked up with another little one, it will have to become another child's bedroom and I think I'm going to have to take over the 'playroom' right now, off the kitchen. The thought of that about brings me to tears- mostly because there is no door to close, and lock children out of so mommy can have some alone time.

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jessandmax said...

I can see who keeps their side of the room clean :]