Monday, April 26, 2010

Mattson/Stalker Family shoot at Snoqualmie Falls

I promised a post on the photoshoot I've been looking forward to. I haven't had an excuse to go up to Snoqualmie Falls, and really since I don't want to haul Zoe down and back up the trail, over the boardwalk onto the rocks I REALLY have to reason to go with her, and without her I neededan excuse. Lucky enough for me, Lyle loves this place and wanted to do engagement pictures and a family photo shoot their. So, since we both live in BFE, but BFE an hour and a half or so apart, we met at the Factoria Mall and I got to carpool with them up to the falls. This is my nephew, Noah skipping around on the rocks, and being goofy. He is adorable and always such a smartpants that I love being around him! What isn't to love about an adorable 7 year old with glasses and a faux hawk?!

I had a blast doing this shoot yesterday. Lyle and Jessica wanted to do some more engagement photos at Snoqualmie Falls, and Jessica had the kids, so they came along. I got to take a bunch of photos of the whole family, just the kids and Lyle & Jessica. Of course, I snuck in a few of the falls and other nature type things.
This is my brother, Lyle and his soon to be step daughter, Turkey. Her name is not really Turkey, and no one else is allowed to call her Turkey. Only James Van Der Beek (which is what Turkey calls Lyle, and I'm not kidding. Like really, she calls him that instead of his name. We went to Nike and she was talking to him in her squeeky 5 year old voice, saying 'James Van Der Beek, can we get candy when we leave here. Please James Van Der Beek!' hilarious, and it will be even more funny when she gets to a teenager and realizes that isn't a made up name!

I hope you enjoy the photos! After I get some time to look through the photos from a shoot, and edit away, and whatnot I'm still impressed with what I am capable of! It's so nice to look at pictures and think 'man, all that over analyzing I did when I took it really paid off!'
I'll get a post on here later with the photos of Jessica's Bridal Shower invitations I whipped up yesterday. Also, there is a really exciting post to follow this one, probably within minutes! :-)

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