Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ice Cream Cone Bookmark

After my evening of tutu making, I decided I wanted ice cream. When I looked in the freezer, i found chicken, cheese sticks, ice, juice & other random but non ice cream items.

Since we're getting married in June anyways, I probably don't need another bowl of ice cream; so a big fat spoonful of nutella while cricuting away did a fine job of tideing (sp?) me over while I made these adorable bookmarks!
I used some plain jane cardstock from my stash, I think it is Recollections from Michaels. The tan carstock is textured and made by DCWV. The extra large eyelets came from Lila's Scrapbooking ( in Everett (I don't remember who makes them, I think it may be Provo Craft...) I decided to do a little definition around the edges, and just used my Sharpies in similar colors.
Oh, and that Tulle? Yeah- it's a scrap from the tutu of today. :-) Night!

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