Wednesday, April 28, 2010

RC photos

I know I'm late this week, with the whole man corner thing, but I haven't really been taking photos of RC stuff much since Adam's little shoot I did!

Since it was sunny, and sort of warm today, we spent some time at J&S where the boys got to play with their cars. Zoe had a great time figiting around in the car messing with everything possible and found a plethera of new things that I had forgotten about. Popsicle mold, clothes and even a candy filled easter (yuck, but whatever, right?!) Of course, it was a perfect opportunity to take some photos for Adam's buddy Logan, who wanted some of his car ('like Adams,' he said)
The red car is Adam's and Logan's car is the white one.

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Kristina H said...

Wow, those cars really catch some air!!