Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lauren's Creative Homemade Hair Ribbon

This morning, I was blog surfing and checked out Lauren's Creative blog, which is adorable and she makes the cutest stuff for her little girl, who is about the same age as my little girl, Zoe.
Zoe doesn't normally like me to touch her hair, and she has LOTS of hair. Gorgeous, flax blonde hair. I don't like it being down, although it's pretty, it ends up coated in snot, ketchup and any other thing she touched that day and stick.

My silly secret to making Zoe wear things I want is to make them! She loves to show off stuff that I make. She ran around the other day (the tutu day) telling everyone 'my momma made this, my momma made this' and she does the same with this adorable hair ribbon I made today.
At our house today, there isn't anyone for her to show it to (if you don't count me, since I made it and the dog is not that great of an audience) but she sure loves showing to me, and any stuffed animal that seems to listen.

Over on Lauren's Blog, there is an awesome video about how to make the hair ribbon tie, which is amazing! They turn out so stinkin cute! Very simple too, and of course cheap- especially if you already have some grosgrain ribbon hanging around, a mending kit and elastic hair ties.

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Lauren B. said...

Dawn - you totally made my day! You are so super sweet! Your daughter is gorgeous and the pony holder turned out soo cute. I'm glad that the directions worked! (They are super easy, huh?)