Thursday, April 1, 2010

Continuing the tutu...

This is the finished tutu. After the pathetic barbie tutu the other day,
I decided to really go big or go home on this one. The recipe is:

1 yard elastic waistband material (I used 1/4")
1 yard hot pink tulle
1yard bright orange tulle
2 yards light pink tulle

Everything here can be purchased @ Joanne's for under $10. The elastic was a whoppin' .39 cents a yard, and really I only needed 1/2 a yard, but we splurged (lol) and bought a whole one. The tulle was 1.99 per yard for the brights, and rung up @ .74 cents a yard for the light pink non shimmery kind.

So basically, you need to measure the tots waistline (Zoe is a 3T and I measured her and it was about 20".) I cut the elastic to a piece 20" long, and tied one end to one piece of my paper organizer, and the other end to the other side (just so it wasn't a circle of elastic yet. It was much easier to work with than trying to get the tulle on it, after you tie the elastic into a circle.

Basically, you take a piece or two of the tulle (that is in a 6"X18" piece) fold it in half, hamburger style (don't act like you don't remember that one from elementary school!) Make a U shape with it, go under the elastic with the folded piece, and ... um, yea... honestly- I have no clue how to describe it! But-- lucky for you; this mom has great photos of her daughter and how she made the tutu!

Anywhoo, if you want me to make one, I would totally love to, you would just need to tell me what colors you want, and pay for the material! :-) I love this kind of stuff. Even better, if you really want- I could make one, in your color choices, and then do a photo session of your little one, in the tutu for an amazing price! Let me know if you are interested!


My Creative Time said...

What a GREAT job you did!! Congrats on your new blog!!

dddcort said...

Jess- I'm sure I could! lol, I bet I even have enough elastic for Leo!