Monday, April 26, 2010

My first blog award!

Lauren B, over on Lauren's Creative she was kind enough to send an award my way! I'm so thrilled with it! I adore Lauren's Creative because she totally helps me to stretch what I know and am comfortable with to try new projects and whatnot. Also, her daughter is about the same age as mine, and I love to see the layouts and other things she does for her little girl and honestly, I totally copy her sometimes! (sorry Lauren, it's true- but I ALWAYS give you credit!) She makes some of the most adorable and unique projects and her posts motivate me each day! Thank you sooooooo much Lauren!
So I am passing on this Happy 101 Award to 5 bloggers that I really enjoy also!
Can I send an award back to someone? I don't really know all the technical rules and regulations on blog awards, but I want Lauren to have it and win! Really, her blog is probably my favorite to follow!
Sammy @ Cricut Butterflies - she has adorable Cricut related projects that are so stinkin cute, you would pinch their cheeks if you could!
Kristina @ Kristina's World I love following just to see the projects!
I hope it's not a bad thing to only have three instead of 5! :-)
My ten things that make me happy are:
1. My daughter: she is challenging, but I'm always learning and she never stops want to learn either! She also keeps me on my toes.
2. My fiance. I have to say I have one of the most supportive fiances EVER. He never underestimates me, and constantly encorages me to step out of my comfort zone (as far as my craftiness). He also brings home really awesome surprises and makes sure I basically always have the things I really want!
3. My job. I am a stay at home mom (which actually means I am a domestic engineer), co-pile-it (clean stalls at Horse Head Quarters one day a week).
4. My upcoming wedding, although I hide it, and don't really ever show my excitement, I am thrilled to marry my best friend and have a big fat party (at a barn!) to celebrate!
5. My camera. It never fails me! Also, without it I think I would forget a lot of events and memories. I am so forgetful, but so lucky I am addicted to my camera so I never get to forget that time Knox spit up in the car on the way home from Spokane when it was like 90 degrees outside, or the time he started laughing an I actually caught his adorable hick-up laughing on camera.
6. Gardening, it's just so relaxing! Watching things grow that I've neglected or over-cared for still amazes me. I am notorious for over loving, or neglecting. There really is no middle of the road on that.
7. My scraproom. Again, I kind of stole this from Lauren but I love my scraproom! I could spend all my time in there, with no problems.
8 & 9. Horses, and my mother. For most people, they would say 'how do horses and your mom go together?' but they just do. She is the most beautiful lady in the world, inside and out and her love for horses has totally not skipped a generation. Without her, I would not be the person I am and without the horses, I would be an underworked nut!
10. Candy, really a simple love, but I have to biggest sweet tooth.
Thanks Lauren for the award! You have made my day!

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Kristina H said...

Hi Dawn! I just read your post, I'm so happy that you like my blog!! Thank you so much for thinking of me!


(p.s. I love candy too!)