Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Potty Training: Day 2 & wacky wednesday

She was watching some construction workers doing something in the street, and it was super cute and I decided to try for some window shots. She thought is was so cool she could squish her nose with the glass!

so far, we had a dry night! She did pee her pants once we'd gotten up and I was taking her to the potty, but a big achievement to be dry all night!
We did a bunch of photos today, because I just love her dirty face, and she was feeling quite proud of herself that I let her wear pants since it's colder today (and she is only supposed to be in panties until she's fully potty trained). She was acting like a wack job (she's two, so I guess it's not a shock!) and being super cute, except that she kept running from me and screaming. I'm sure you can guess which photos I have of her screaming.

Tonight, Adam and I will be taking the time to clean the 'scrap-shop' so I'm sure I'll have a project to share later. Also, I am working on my bridal shower invitations, and they are looking cute, so maybe those will get showed off too!

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