Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whale Watching, and more photos!

Yesterday, my dad's girlfriend (the bestest best girlfriend/almost stepmom in the world!) took Zoe, Colby and myself whale watching. We went with Island Adventures ( out of Anacortes, WA and we left out of the Everett Marina. What an awesome trip it was! Towards the end (more middle ) of the trip, we were a little discouraged because we hadn't seen any whales but did enjoy watching the eagles, sea lions and seals. Then, we saw 2 gray whales!
They aren 't real easy to spot, but it was a cool sight! Our biologist, Bart Rulon ( could only identify one of the two whales, as #49, 'Patch'. Honestly, I don't know who I have photos of, but it sure is a whale!

It was REALLY cold out there, and I have a little bit of a cold that I woke up with yesterday, so I wasn't feeling all that hot but it was so much fun, and I forgot how much I miss being out on a boat in the sound. Growing up, my dad always had a boat (The Doodlebug, Doodlebug too, and most recently The Whitecap') Does Doodlebug sound familiar? lol, is Dad's baby now, but the boats I believe were his first run in with the name Doodlebug (other than it being his nickname as a child).

Then, in the afternoon after the hours spent in the fresh air, I had a tattoo appointment with Jasper @ Theory Tattoo, in Everett ( He does all of Adam & my tattoo work. We are making some good progress on my three quarter sleeve; I really want to get it done before the wedding!

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jessandmax said...

I love the bird. It looks really good.