Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 day Potty Training, has begun.

We're using the 3 day potty training method recommended by a few friends to get rid of diapers.

We've had at least two friends who swear by this method, and really I've just been lazy with potty training, and I know she's ready (since she pees on the potty when she feels like it) so this morning, we started with bagging up all the diapers and throwing them away. (Well, after taking off last nights diaper and peeing on the potty first thing.

So far, she's rocking along and peed 4 times on the potty since about 9 o'clock and it's only 10:26.

Wish us luck!

UPDATE: We are doing SOOOOOOOOOO good for the first day. I've stuck with the no pants rule, and she's played in her panties all day. She hasn't pee'd her pants once! She did have a poopy accident, but I think thats okay. What a big girl!


Lauren B. said...

I am sending you LOTS and LOTS of happy thoughts. I am hoping to potty train my little one this summer. Good Luck! Let me know how the 3-day potty training method does for you!

Kirsti said...

Hi…just stopping by to say hello via the Clips-n-Cuts Birthday Blog Hop…Hope you are having a great day…

Been there and done that and got several t-shirts for potty training...take care and good luck