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More of my photos can be seen at Dawn Bennett Images. If you are interested in my photography, purchasing prints or having me shoot a life event- please email me.

I love to answer any questions camera, photography or craft related- so don't hesitate to ask! I can be reached for questions and non photography related things at dddcort at yahoo dot com

Got comments, feedback or suggestions about either of my blogs? Shoot me an e-mail!
You can contact me by e-mailing: (this takes me a few days to get to, it's not checked everyday-- so SALE Inquiries--- dddcort at yahoo dot com or urgent things won't be quickly answered with gmail!)

I check it VERY  often, and I can also be contacted over on Facebook. or by clicking here.

I also can recieve normal old snail mail, if you are interested just contact me and I'll share the mailing details.