Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mason Jar Art with a 'Paper' Tree

I was surfing around online today, and through Amanda (from I saw a link to this site. How much am I loving it you ask...? Enough that I can't stop thinking about all the awesome projects she does and start making some too!!! There really isn't enough time in a day to make all the things that she thinks she has too much time for! :-) I've never come across it before, and man; I've been missing out!!! I saw her project for the glass jar projects (which I linked you to above) and decided to go with this jar (an old mason jar I had around). To put inside the jar, I decided to make rolled paper flowers and adorn some branches, which I glued together and then stuffed into the jar.

This is a close up of the rolled flowers, and I rolled a few of them but using burlap instead for a primitive look.
This is where it's sitting right now, on the mantle; but really it would look great on a table.

I was even thinking I could make some easter eggs and hang those as well.

No one around here needs a new headboard; but I'm thinking... that in my dad's new house he is going to have extra bedrooms and my step-mom is also very into repurposing things and THIS headboard is amazing!

Have a good night!


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