Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zoe's 1st Horse Show

Growing up, I chose not to participate in horse shows. Along with the expense of it all (the fancy clothes, the fancy tack, the time, the energy, etc) I was just too lazy. Still to this day I am glad that I had such a level head and didn't care for it.

Zoe's shown some interest in showing Latte, and a schooling show came up that had a lead-line class. We decided to enter Zoe and her best friend Riley into the show. Kim, from Horse Head Quarters graciously trailered the horses there for us, and arranged a borrowed horse for Riley.

The girls did great! Though we got there at 11am or so, and planned for their show to start at 12:30pm, they didn't actually show until closer to 3pm. A LONG day with two four years, and two bored horses surrounded by other unknown horses.

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