Tuesday, April 25, 2017


It seems like all over the internet, I'm running into people who have decided to sell LuLaRoe. I also see all over the places people 'closing out/going out of business' in their LLR Business. 

Adam and I discussed it long and hard before jumping in, because the rumor of that big ole start up cost is true. We have the space to dedicate to it, and the time (because we make the time) and the love of all the products as well as the culture of the company. 

If you haven't heard of LuLaRoe, I'd love to show you what it's about. LuLaRoe is so much more than clothes! It is a FAMILY company, which is near and dear to my heart. DeAnne is the woman on a mission who started it all with the maxi skirts she sewed at home and sold to friends, family and neighbors. Eventually the demand got too large for her to make them herself. She met a pair of dress wholesalers and was inspired to start liquidating end of season dresses to friends and family. 

DeAnne believes that anyone can sell these products, if they truly want to and they try. I live for our business; I wear it daily, our children wear it daily and it is the most common topic that I discuss with people. 

Well, we jumped in head first and haven't looked back since. We applied to be retailers on December 9th 2016, and we got our call to place our initial order on January 26th 2017. Boxes arrived on February 1st, and we have been having a blast since then!

When someone says 'I love that sweater!' My answer is never just a quick thank you. I would generally say, 'right? Isn't it amazing? It makes me so happy! I actually sell this style of sweater; let me tell you more about LuLaRoe.' 

You can see more about us here: www.LuLaRoeGirlyandGuy.com 

If you're interested in shopping with us, you can do it here: www.shoplularoegirlyandguy.com

LuLaRoe makes an assortment of clothing. From woman's and children's to men's! Sizes run from a children's 2T to a Men's 3XL. These clothes are made for REAL people. 

They make children's dresses, tops and skirts. Here is a glimpse at the styles! What is your favorite? 


So cute, right? Well, come back tomorrow and see some of their woman's line!

in the meantime, go over to www.lularoegirlyandguy.com and see what we're up to! 

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