Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Imagine Time!

First off, I needed to share this adorable photo of Zoe, being cute. :-) I hope it makes you smile!

Onto the real topic!

Being at work 5-7 hours a day is really a big change for me. I've been staying home for the last 2 years or so (just short of it) and a few months ago was offered a job by my Dad, who was always the best boss I've ever had. He offered me basically as many hours as I could get (up to official part time) bringing Zoe with me and selling his Harley Davidson stuff online. He is quite the entreprenuer; this is his second business! So, he started his ebay business and had me running it.
Then, he needed some help with the accounting department at Doodlebug Sportz; his labor of love. So, I started helping there. I've transitioned to being the Office Manager for his company with a side of Harley Davidson. :-) It's a nice thing to have; and I'm greatful that I get to bring Z with me everyday. Today though, was a long one for me. I got there about 11, with plans of staying until 6:40pm or so to head to my Mothers and More meeting. I am the membership coordinator for our chapter; and we had a board meeting at 7pm.
Well come about 5, I made the decision that my mental state was too important for me to have so much going on today, and I got rolling with what I was doing; and was home by 6:45 or 7 to find out that my Imagine had shown up!
I don't want to make it seem like my Expressions has gotten bumped down on the food chain just yet; because obviously I'm still learning my Imagine, but here is the Provo Craft Lineup in my house:




Deb with Dogs said...

Wow! Take care of yourself to not get overwhelmed so you have energy to spread amoung all things you do.

Lucky you with an Imagine, can't wait to hear about it or see what you have created.

Michele said...

Yay!! I love it when I find blogs of people that live close to me. :-) I am a follower of "Lauren's Creative" blog... and she referred to your blog with a minnie mouse banner she made. I'm a fairly new blogger.. challenging myself to do more and post more. Check me out when you have a chance.

Love all of your stuff that you do and jealous that you have an Imagine. I am finally asking for a gypsy for my B-day.