Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reminders of a Warmer Time

Today, I left work early because there was supposed to be a 'major storm' hitting at 4pm. I was home about 3:40 to make sure I didn't have another 2 hour communte (normally 15 minutes).
It just started snowing outside here; and I'm hoping that it sticks so I can make this delicious ice cream recipe from Blooming on Bainbridge (which happens to be just down the road from my house!) which she posted back in November, during another snowy time here.
With that said; it's C.O.L.D-- colder than I prefer here now. Here is a brief glimpse into our summer.....
the dog spent plenty of time under the big shady Rhody in the front yard, and Zoe and I joined her during the summer to cool off! It got so hot here this summer, I had to set up an easy-up (pop up) to put the pool under so she could actually cool off, since the shade and water was about the only way that was happening (other than an ice bath).
Anyways, here's to it staying cold long enough for ice cream, but not long enough it keeps me home! :-)

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