Friday, July 1, 2011

Keepin' the Kiddos Busy... for three months?!!?

Since Zoe is only 3 (and a half; she would tell you) she isn't in school yet; and actually she doesn't go to daycare of any sort of 'away from mommy' care. She is with me; basically all the time at either our home, or my work (which is actually sort of like daycare since she hangs with her uncles in the shop or on the paintball field [when it's NOT open] and plays or watches toonies, or cleans cabinets, etc.)

We came home from work early today; because I couldn't resist a day like this:

Which is Washington, translates to this:

Nothing stellar and hot, but comfortable, warm and DRY!

Anyways, we've been trying to figure out things to do outside, because we're stuck in the house so often in this part of the country. I know I won't melt if we go for a walk in the rain, but you'd like Adam and Zoe would.... maybe it's him being raised in the midwest... or her believing this antics. We have lots of slugs and snails at our house, and they come out moreso when it's cool and damp, so our city's slug population has dramatically decreased in the last two weeks and we've probably gone through 10 pounds of salt killing them... but she has fun hunting them... and I can't help but do an evil laugh knowing they aren't going to eat my strawberries again anytime soon!

Over at Lauren's Creative today, she posted some cool projects she did with her daughter, who is about the same age as Zoe. This tells me, it's do-able with Zoe and if she eats it, she isn't going to get sick. :-)

Sidewalk 'Chalk' paint was as big of a hit in my house as it was in hers! How cool it was to 'splatter paint' the from patio, and draw, color and write with it!

Oh, and making this mix is totally a mommy job, because with little hands helping, I ended up with a pink hand... and it doesn't just wash off! Darn food coloring!

And, no matter how careful we tried to be, she was bound to splatter herself too, so the Uggs (costco, baby!) she was wearing are splattered too, so I'm hoping I can wipe it off and the color want stain the suede...

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