Thursday, August 4, 2011

{ Navy & Silver Bridal Shower :: Soon-to- Be Bride, Annie }

I hosted a bridal shower for my soon to be sister in law; and stuck with the navy & silver theme that their wedding will be. I made all the medallions for decor on toothpicks, straws and carafe 'neckties'.

Photobucket I also made all the cupcake stands; for under $5! I added the bottom (on the right) china dish which was my moms (from her great grandmothers' china) to add more space for cupcakes.

View from the Top of the Cupcake Tower. We did all the cupcakes in Silver Foil wrappers, and frosted then with white buttercream frosting (actually bought by the pound from Albertsons!) and then sprinkled the edges with silver and blue sugar.
Photobucket The Wine Carafes were actually .99 cents from Value Village, but they only had two so I also used a vintage milk bottle for the white wine.

Photobucket This is the table spread-- I LOVE how it turned out, and only wished I had brought a white linen table cloth to cover my mom's buffet.


Photobucket The medallions were silver scalloped circles were cut with my Cricut from Mini Monograms, at roughly 2.28", and the white discs were also cut at the same size. We then stamped the dress image from a stamp I had in black; embossed with clear embossing powder and then adhered together.

Photobucket I had planned on making a spiked blue punch, with Blue Curacao and Lemonade; but here in Washington-- there are many city festivals going on, and many of were this weekend (and the weekend before) so the liquor store I went to was sold out of the Curacao. We made instead; a sparkling Kool-Aid. Basically, Blue Lemonaide Kool-Aid, with Sparkling Water instead of plain water.

Photobucket Because I knew we would be having some 'smaller' guests, I set up a kids food area, out in the backyard so they could play and have everything accessible. I found the mini pretzel packs, juice boxes and raisins all at the dollar store; as well as the plastic punch bowl, I had mini bags of Pirates Booty, so this extra little area only cost me about $5!

Photobucket Favors were York Mini Bites (the ones that are like Reeses Pieces Sized) & Mint Mentos in the plastic tubes, that we embellished with themed medallion.

Photobucket Milk/Creme Glass Bottles were used to hold extra things.

Photobucket Silly as it looks, I just used a plain basket my mom had on hand, and drapped an invitation over it, for people to deposit their cards into. Easy Peasy!

Photobucket Another Cupcake Close-Up. I am SOOOO happy with how these turned out.

I saw on Pinterest, using clear plastic tumblers as cupcake holders, and I chose to package some up ahead of time for people to take home; and the tumblers and plastic wrap do an amazing job at making sure they don't get destroyed on the way home. Photobucket

The Menu:

White Cupcakes w/ White Buttercream Frosting

Chocolate Cupcakes w/ White Buttercream Frosting

Yellow Cupcakes w/ White Buttercream Frosting

Homemade Chocolate Cream Puffs, w/ fresh sweetened whipped cream center

Brownie Bites

Cocktail Sausages in BBQ

(as a 'real' food, since we were serving wine)

Veggie Tray

Fruit Tray


Red Wine

Rose Wine

White Wine

Sparkling Blue Kool-Aid



Kids Table:

(Everything was in individual servings for ease)

100% Apple Juice

100% Fruit Punch

Pirates Booty


Mini Pretzels


{directions in above link}

Silpada Jewlery Collection Preview by Rhonda Haney

{I'll add the link here to her site, I just can't seem to find it!}

This party was truely a success and I had help from Annie's Sisters; Katie and Sarah as well as my best friend, Steph. Also, I have to say thank you to my mom for giving me a beautiful clean house, picking up the last minute stuff I forgot and letting me use the beautiful china I joked about stealing all day. Also, Tracy; thank you so much for picking up the wine!

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benilhalk said...

Great preparations! We are planning a big carnival event of different stalls for sales of our stores. Took this idea from a famous planner. Also gave the suggestion to book one of the open spaced event space NYC for all guests. It should also be a spacious one. Thinking to book the venue for two to three days for continuous sale. Some light cookies and beverages would be fine and in budget too.