Sunday, January 15, 2012

Homemade Hot Cocoa

Looking out at the snow in our yard, as I was sipping my coffee this morning my daughter was in the back, playing with our dog. When she came in, she was shivering (shocking, I know) and begging for hot cocoa.

Bad mom moment because instantly I knew we didn't have any. My mommy brain also told me that the basics in the packets were powdered milk, chocolate of some sort and sugar. I can McGuiver this one... it should be easy enough, right?

Here is a simple, and delicious Hot Cocoa Recipe I whipped up in my kitchen this morning!

You will need (for a kids size cup!)

4oz. hot milk (I microwaved it...)
2oz cold milk
1tsp cocoa powder (I used Dutch Baking Cocoa that I got in bulk, from winco for some insanely cheap price for how good it is)
2tsp sugar (I used C&H quick dissolving sugar because we had it)

Pretty much the easiest directions ever:

Put hot milk in mug. Add cocoa powder and sugar, stir until dissolved. Add cold milk (to make it safe temp for a kiddo).



This would make a great (and simple) holiday gift in a little tin (the powder that is) with directions on how to make it.

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