Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine's Applique Project

Hey Everyone!!

It's almost Valentine's Day and with that, I'm sure that the web is going to be flooded, literally with cute, adorable, give-everyone-you-know-something Tutorials...

That said; here's another one! :-)

Today, I'm going to show y’all how to make an Appliqued Shirt. A pretty simple tutorial really... but also can be a little overwhelming if you've never done appliqueing before. It shouldn't be overwhelming... it's so simple and makes something store bought look handmade with love quickly. Let's get started!

For this, you will need:

1 t-shirt/shirt/item to add the applique to

fabric for the applique

Template of the shape you'd like

Pen of some sort

Heat n Bond Lite



Sewing Machine


Isn't this just the most adorable, versatile fabric? I LOVE it!

So, we need to iron the loose fabric to one side of the Heat n Bond. Using the iron setting that matches your fabric type (make sure it's hot enough for the Heat n Bond), place it paper side UP to the wrong-side of the fabric you are using. Iron it on, using the directions on the Heat n Bond.

Once you've attached it to the fabric, you'll use whatever template you have to draw your lines to the paper. From there, cut it out. Peel the paper off the fabric, there should be a clear sheen to the back of the fabric, this is the adhesive.

Place it wherever you'd like it to lay on the shirt and using the same iron setting, adhere it to the shirt. Once its completely adhered onto your item, we're going to sew around it, to add a zigzag to hold down the edges and permanently adhere it to the item.

I use my Sewing Machine with a quilting thread at a medium tension, the highest width setting, a towards the lower end length with the zig-zag stitch.

Being careful not to sew in the back of the shirt/arms as they wiggle or any other part of the shirt carefully go around it sewing the edges about half on half off the applique.

Adorable, Quick... and Easy Peasy, right?

I whipped up two today, in under 1/2 hour; one for my little girl and one for her best friend!



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