Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quick Homemade Gift Idea

I have a few friends who are pregnant and due in 2012. We know one is a girl and the other we won't know the gender until we meet him/her. The baby girl has an older sister, so I know that her mom probaby doesn't want a bunch more baby girl clothes and would rather have more practical gifts. The unknown baby will be #3 for the family, so practical is always better after baby #1!

I am making my Goal for 2012 to make more of the gifts we give people, so for baby presents; I want to make burp rags, recieving type blankets and bibs; to include with a package of diapers for the new mom. I whipped up three burp clothes this morning; before my sewing in the kitchen irritated the other family member in the living room. :-) Either way, it wasn't something that had to get done today, so I'm okay with three! I'll probably make some fabric gift bags also at some point (not today!)

Here are some photos:
I love this pattern, it's so mellow and pretty. I backed this one with a solid tan flannel that matches the color on the front.

Here are the two matching burp clothes. I really adore this busy pink paisley pattern also. It has some blues, greens and various shades of pink in it. Very happy looking!

Due to a lack of pink flannel (and with all the snow here, I'm not leaving the house today to get some!) I just used a solid cotton twill type fabric. I really like the tight, zig zag stitching; I know they don't really have to be very tough but I think they look more complete with a nicer stitch.

The best part? They were basically FREE to make, other than my time; since these were all various scraps I had left from other projects.

I'm thinking I'll whip up some more for the friend whose having a girl, and shop for some gender neutral fabrics (on clearance, maybe?) for the other.

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