Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I need your help!

There is a photo contest coming up. The theme for it is 'give us your best shot'.

The winning entries are those that best reflect the theme. So... I have LOTS of photos... and I need some help on which one to enter. I believe it's only one entry per family so I HAVE to pick just one!

The first three are my favorite, that I think actually really touch on the theme.

Riley sure got a good shot from the ocean when it caught her off guard in the upper photo....

What a cool angle this shot turned out from, watching the boys dive into the seven sacred pools from above them. I know it's almost impossible to see unless you look at this photo full size, but dusty was an absolute crack up when he was cliff jumping.

Below are some other really cool (and/or my favorites) that didn't really hit an 'oh wow!' response from me, but again I'm the one who took the photos, so I'm not sure I'll get that!

I really want to make sure and submit the best photo I can, I could really use the $2500.00 (or $1500/$1000/$500) for some more/new camera equiptment!


Maureen Reiss said...

Tough choice. My top 3 would be rainbow, 2nd cliff jump or boat pic. Sorry, good luck!

DoubleClick Connections said...

They are all beautiful, but my 1st choice is the boat one, and 2nd the rainbow, Good Luck!

Vicki said...

Impossible to pick just one. I liked both flower photos, the black and white first, color one second.

Good luck in the contest.

Xushenka said...

They are all really nice photos.. I think I like the flower one and the boat one the best. Good luck!

Elizabeth (Beth) Moore said...

Wow Dawn, this is a difficult choice you have to make... I like all of them... my top favs include the rainbow, boat pic and both the flowers color and b&W... BTW... Creating Keepsakes is having a publication call for action photos AND for action photo scrapbook layouts as well.. you should enter that cliff diving one... I think the call ends soon though, so if interested check it out real quick!

Kristina H said...

I love the boat picture and the first one of the children in the water.

Good luck Dawn, you really took some fantastic pictures!