Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm home!!!!

Hello everyone! I know it seems like it's been forever since I've posted. As almost everyone knows, I've been in Maui. HI on our honeymoon.

It was beyond amazing. I took thousands of pictures (literally, not kidding.) I also started another blog, dedicated solely to my photography, so I can spend more of my time focusing this one on my crafts.

That said- I did shoot a wedding (while on my honeymoon, lol) in Maui, and have spent A LOT of my time since I've been home (a whole day and a half) getting those ready for the newly married couple!

I've got some cool projects to get posted, and I think I'll end up with those getting posted tomorrow for ya'll.

Of, and on a less happy, cheerful note- I picked up a new ipod yesterday and have been meaning to call Provo Craft about my brand new Gypsy. That's right... call them- because my Gypsy has been out of commission since roughly 10am Saturday morning when it was violently attacked by an open 20oz of soda (coke to be precise). Between my Gypsy, that I had JUST loaded all my cartridges onto the night before and my ipod (an 8gb, that was totally full of music) it turns out it was a little more expensive for the flight portion of the trip than planned. Bummer dude, right? It's not a HUGE crisis, although I was FURIOUS at my new, dear husband but quickly forgave him as we walked off the plane, 6 hours later to 80 something degree weather and palm trees.

I'll blog to you all tomorrow! Until then, check out some of my photos from Maui over at www.dawnbennettimages.blogspot.com




Lauren B. said...

That really sucks about your Gypsy...did you even get a chance to play around with it?

I am now questioning whether or not to bring mine with me on our trip tomorrow.

Glad you had a fun trip!

Dawn said...

I would still take it, and just be more careful than normal! I got to play with it for about 30 minutes Friday night, and I had a list with me of all the cuts I wanted to design and weld, lol. :-)

After my talk with PC, I'm all good!