Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lila's Scrapbooking Designer Call & Provo Craft Customer Service

I know I've mentioned this a million and a half times, but Lila's Scrapbooking is probably my favorite local store. I am in Marysville, Washington and the store is in Everett (about 15 minutes away) there are some other craft stores closer, but I will gladly drive there whenever I need anything, just to visit and chat with Lila & Elisa. Michelle also works there, although I've only talked with her a few times, she is just adorable!

Elisa let me know over on facebook that I obviously hadn't read the more recent newsletter well enough, because Lila is doing a designer call, and I didn't know about it!

So, after talking with the hubbs... because I do like to at least run things past him, and he reminds me when I have 100 things going, and am trying to add a hundred more that I can... but don't forget this or that (which normally makes me chill out a little!) he swung through and grabbed one for me! I can't wait to get started on it!

Also.... big news!
My brand new Gypsy from Provo Craft showed up today via Fedex. Of course I ripped that box to shreds getting it open (well, actually I was able to re-use it, but that's for another day... we'll just say bird + chimney = bird in my house) and low and behold it turns on, unlike my broken one. I have to say here:

I was absolutely furious with my brand spankin' new hubbs in the airport on an overcast Saturday Morning when my Gypsy & Ipod (and his cellphone which I didn't care much about anywhoo) battled with the Coke, and clearly lost. I tried the whole trip to dry that baby out. Got home, set it in a bag of rice, hoping it would dry out more and maybe start working. Nope.

In the despirate attempt to save my marriage, along with my Gypsy- I called Provo Craft. I was willing to pay to ship it back and pay them to even look at it and say it was toast. I spoke with a few very nice gals in their customer service department, and they did mention it wasn't really a 'warranty' issue since it was my (hubbs) fault, it would be tough to do anything. I totally 100% understand that, and knew (after a few years in Customer Service myself, that it wasn't their fault in the slightest, but I was just praying for a miracle!). They left my information for their Supervisor, Mark. He was great. Once he and I spoke, I explained the whole situation from purchasing my Gypsy the day before, to buying that God-Forsaken soda at the terminal shop, to my brand new husbands one gulp, and the battle between electronics that ensued.

You know what he said? He was going to give my brand new husband a break on this one, save the first year of our marriage and.... send me a BRAND NEW GYPSY (as long as I promised not to hold a grudge towards the new hubbs). He mentioned they would like the old one back, just to make sure they couldn't fix it. He also mentioned that Fedex would swing by my house and bring a prepaid (by provo craft) call tag for my old one, and as soon as they got it, they'd reserialize and ship out the new one, so I didn't need to replace my 20+ cartridges! All at their cost! I didn't need to pay a dime.

So, I've been sooooo stinkin' busy the last few days, I missed the wonderful Fedex woman trying to deliver the call tag. She arrived today with a box much too big for just a piece of paper, and much too heavy. They decided to just send out the new Gypsy! I got it open, and there was no call tag for the old one. Of course, I called to just get the address and I was going to pay to send the old one back. After talking with another gal in Customer Service, they had decided that the Sticky Soda probably killed the Gypsy, and I could just throw it away! AMAZING!

So, now that I am back to regular life again, I will vouch for Provo Craft's Customer Service because at this point I feel they have really saved my sanity! I've heard a few other amazing stories about Provo Craft lately and can say that I wish there were more I could do to thank everyone in Provo Craft's customer service department!

Anywhoo.... off to play with the new Gypsy!

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Kristina H said...

That was super cool of Provo Craft to send you a new Gypsy.