Saturday, July 3, 2010


I got some new goodies on Friday... and as I am trying to give you all a little reading material while i'm gone; I've been staggering my posts!

I have a good friend who gets the best deals EVER on things, and bought this with me in mind- so I purchased all this goodness from her for $160! The Silicone Sleeve Set (sleeve, screen protector, stylus & wrist thingy) was a gift, but what an amazing price for the Gypsy and Create-a-Crittter set up! I will say: it is brand new, sealed in the package (so was CAC).

I'm going to try and shoot some 'getting started' videos on my Gypsy today to post later in the week- except that PC is having sync issues and I can't do my first Sync yet. I'm praying that some lone person is sitting in their network room, working in the problem- since CS is closed now for the holiday weekend... and I leave tomorrow. I NEED to be able to hide contours, that update was what actually put me over the top and made the Gypsy a must have for me. I've recently started using Peachy Keen Stamps and I'm in love- the only problem for me: I want to use them on my princess faces but the cartridge itself, doesn't have a blackout of only the face without hair, so it's difficult to use them. I guess I could do some serious McGuivering, but I'd rather not.

I've got my cartridges (except the newer ones) linked so I can at least play with them. I was up all night (until about 1) playing with them, welding titles for pages and really working away. I think this will help me to scrap whole pages at once! I've already got titles and die cuts set up for a bunch of wedding pages, and if you know me, those normally wouldn't get started until about our 5th anniversary! lol.

On a different note; Zoe has had a little cold and sniffle. She is up to date on all her vaccines, and takes a gummi vitamin each day, so I wasn't too concerned. I was writing it off as a cold, then yesterday she woke up from her nap because of a coughing spell where she actually threw up because she was coughing so hard. Then- she was having a hard time catching her breath after coughing. In our house, we don't even play with breathing issues. No one has Asthma or anything, but who wants to struggle to breath?

Being that she is a late napper, it was about 4:45 when she woke up and took the turn for the worse. So, after a little consultation with my motherly idol, Beth (that woman knows everything, and is so down to earth, caring and smart as well as a great mother and teacher) I was going to wait to see if Zoe got better if Beth's kids were also sick (who Zoe spends A LOT of time with) and they weren't. Being that there is a Pertussis outbreak in California that has already killed something like 5 babies and Beth's daughter is only 5 months-- Zoe is vaccinated I didn't want to risk her passing anything serious to the baby.

After losing a baby to something stupid (seriously, who created SIDS?!) I would probably die if something happened to Beth's daughter. I swear that little girl is giving me back my heart and showing me how amazing babies are (not that I didn't know, but I definetly seperated myself from little babies after Knox died) she also has a chirpy little personality and is a mini Diva which makes me laugh because both her parents and brother are so mellow and go with the flow. I LOVE Beth's kids, and Maddy has really 'saved' me recently. That little girl (and her momma) will never know how much their friendships mean to me!

Anyways, enough rambling- I took Zoe to the walk in clinic because she was getting sicker and they let me know she had double ear infections and post nasal drip (a stuffy, draining nose for those non-parents out there). So, we sat at my moms while I waited for Walgreens to fill her Rx so she could start the anti-biotics before bed last night. Poor girl just wanted to sleep, but we got home about 9:15 or so, and she played with Daddy for a minute, and then hit the hay.

Already, this morning... this is the girl I have!

So far, we've had a dance party, eaten breakfast and I decided to take her photo, so that is her RUNNING from me, because she told me 'NO CAMMA MOMMA!' Silly Girl!

Alright, I'm signing off for the morning...


Lauren B. said...

You will love your Gypsy - I hope that they fix the problem, so you can update it to have hide contour before you leave.

Aren't antibiotics amazing? Nicole got strep a few weeks ago and after having a couple of doses she was back to her normal wild self. (She was so sick, she fell asleep on the exam table in her pediatrician's office.)

Have a fun trip! I can't wait to see all the beautiful pics you are sure to take!

beth said...

AWWW, you make me sound so good, your friendship means alot to me too. James is SO excited to have Zoe for a whole week - he has been planning out all of their adventures. Im excited, they will wear each other out. Im glad Maddie is good therapy for you. Dont worry, she is all vacinated and a tough little "diva"
Have fun, take lots of pictures for us, relax, have a great time. Someday we will go to hawaii...I want to go riding on the mtns there and pick a pineapple :)

dawn said...

Funny story, and i don't have time to make a post. there is no longer a gypsy in my life and all the cartridges i have except the three i couldn't upload because i needed to update my Gypsy first. Apparently, Coke in my purse, and my new Gypsy, my ipod and husbands cell don't get along. :-(