Monday, August 16, 2010

Cricut Reward Points

I am horrible about saving things.

Regardless of if it's clothes that are stained.

Something that tastes good (that one last bite!).

A favorite paper.

Or, my Cricut Reward points.

I loved the Cricut Cake Brown and Pink Aprons from when I first saw them, but since I don't have a Cricut Cake, nor intend on getting one (since I rarely bake)... I wasn't too worried about finding one. Well, hunting around on the Cricut Rewards site I saw that I could get one! And for only 200 points!

So, I placed my order today, and now have this pretty little thing headed my way....

Oh, and these....

My thought here is that if I'm going to get stuck paying $13.00 shipping and handling for an apron, that supposed to be a 'free' and special item, I may as well get some other stuff too, right? :-)

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