Friday, August 27, 2010

A few special deals....

Hi Everyone!

I know there are many of you who are here for the Cricut Cartridge Deals or maybe the Brand New Gypsys I have for $153.00, and I have all those that are listed still!

I wanted to let you guys know... that I have a few really special prices on cartridges also for those of you who are thinking about it, I hope this helps put you over the edge!

These are only 1 cartridge at the price... so once it's gone, it's gone and I'm offering these first to people who are purchasing other cartridges as well.

So... if you buy ANY cartridge at the price listed on this page, or a Brand New Gypsy I am going to offer you these special deals to 'add on' to your purchase:

With any purchase you make of Cartridges or a Gypsy... for $22 Dollars more you can get Graphically Speaking or Stretch Your Imagination. For $25 Dollars more you can get Hello Kitty or Christmas Cheer.


Lauren B. said...

AAACCK!!! How am I supposed to resist? First - I order a bunch of carts last Friday - only to have them show up on MONDAY (fastest shipping EVER) and now you're offering Hello Kitty. Dang it, Dawn! LOL! :)

Dawn said...

Oh shoot! Sorry L- You can have in on this since this wasn't there yet when you bought all the carts earlier! lol