Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zoe photos and Clothespins

I can say, the title doesn't sound ALL that exciting, but it is a 'cute' day in my house.

This morning, it was perfect to go outside and do a mini shoot with my daughter, Zoe. Of course, since her and the dog (Sophie) are inseparable, the dog joined us in the front yard. This is a little teaser of the quick (literally 15 minutes) shoot!
On a crafty note; I made these little goodies today.

Not the tin holder itself... but the clothes pins.

This is a closer look at them, also remember that you can click the photo and see them larger as well. I made a gypsy cut, to do twenty cuts (for the sides) at a time, and then adhered them with liquid glue, pressing the extra out the sides and ends. After that, I was thinking about Modge Podging them, to make them glossy, but decided to save the time, and add little prima flowers instead.

10 Wooden Clothes Pins
Patterned Paper of your choice
(mine is from the DCWV Summer Dream Stack)
Tacky Glue
(I used Scotch Quick Dry Tacky Adhesive because it was closest)
Prima Flowers
Mini Brads
Glue Dots

1. With your Gypsy, or design studio- make a rectangle that is 9mm wide, and 72mm long.
2. Cut twenty of these
3. Adhere by lightly gluing to the wooden clothespins
4. If you'd like, now would be the time to Modge Podge these.
5. Stick the brads into the prima flowers, and with scissors, cut off any of the brad 'neck' that is sticking out of the sides, so it doesn't show.
5. Using a small glue dot, adhere these to the clothespin as desired

Viola! Done.

Have a great evening!



Lauren B. said...

Those clothespins are so cute (Zoe is also very cute!)...I think I will try that this weekend. TFS!

Mod Podge Amy said...

This is darling!!

Kristina H said...

Zoe and Sophie are just too cute, and so are the clothespins.

Thanks for sharing Dawn!