Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Card order, and update!

I know I haven't been blogging as much as usual about my crafty stuff... I wanted to share with you all why, and what I've been working on!
If we are facebook friends, you know I recently got a GIANT order for 500 cards through my Etsy Sale Site, and I need to get them shipped before I leave for Maui, on the 4th of July.

I've been busting my butt to get those done. I've hooked a few photos of what they are emerging to look like on here. Below is a close up of the cards. There are about 5 different patterns, since it is somewhat difficult to come across 100 sheets of the same 12X12 patterned paper. They all have this same saying on them though.

'The Purpose of Life is to Discover your gift. The Meaning of life is to give it away'

Below is a photo of what 500 card bases (without buttons yet) look like all stacked up. And, yes. that is a bag of Frosted Flakes to the right, because Zoe has been in 'helping' me and is a constant muncher, I feed her off with cereal! lol.

I am making these for a volunteer organization in FL- so the saying is just about perfect to give to people who specialize in helping others.
I am really working hard to get all of these finished up today, so I can mail them later today, or Monday at the latest. For some reason, Zoe is being quite a whiner today so I'm not sure how sucessful it will be. We have lunch plans with my mom, and the Walk n Rock is tomorrow at Safeco Field. Feel free to hop on over to the Team Knox page, or check out Knox's Story as I updated it with some photos and whatnot. For those of you, who haven't donated to Team Knox yet- THERE IS STILL TIME!
I am also going to bribe you and say that anyone who makes any donation to Team Knox... I will send you some FREE handmade cards, just email me when you make the donation with your address so I can ship them at my personal cost to you! I don't know exactly what yet, but probably a combination of Happy Birthday and Thinking of You cards. :-)
(makes 6 cards)
for this specific card (in most of the photos, with the blue background and maroon floral pattern)

1 sheet 12X12 Making memories 'delaney floral' print paper, cut into 4X5.25 pieces
3 sheets 8.5X11 Kraft Cardstock, cut hot dog style (11X 4.25) and folded in half (to form a 5.5X4.25 card)
Embroidery Floss, your choice of color- I used brown
6 pretty buttons
6 copies of the phrase you wish to use
corner rounder

1. fold the 4X5.25 piece of kraft cardstock in half, round the lower right hand corner of both front and back of kraft cardstock. It should have the crease on the TOP of the card (lengthwise).
2. with each of the 6 patterned papers (cut to 4X5.25") round the lower right hand corner.
3. adhere patterned paper to kraft card.

4. adhere your phrase/saying to the front of the card, towards the upper left side.
5. tie the embroidery floss around the front of the card, making a small knot to hold it snug around the card front.

6. thread the embroidery floss through two of the button holes, and make a little double knot to hold it there as well. snip off the excess floss, leaving as much as you'd like to dangle.

7. sit back and enjoy this beautiful card!

Have an awesome day, and by next week I should be back on my normal daily blogging routine! I will be in Hawaii (Maui) on my honeymoon July 4th through the 11th-- so I may not do any blogging that week. We will see! we're going to be doing lots og hiking and sight seeing, so I'm hoping to have some amazing photographs to share. I also will get to shoot my first wedding, on the black beach on Maui, so I can't wait to share those memories as well!


sweet craf-tea chick said...

pretty card! wowee, 500?!? that's awesome!
oo, have fun in maui, dawn! how long you staying in HI?
steph :)

Laurie said...

Hi, Dawn! So glad you're following me on Scene of the Grime and now I'm following you as well! Your blog is so cute and fun. Knox's story truly touches my heart. I'm so sorry for your loss, but so thankful you have your sweet memories. Saying a prayer for you and yours! ♥Laurie