Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some QUICK (like really quick!) Wedding Photos, and an update!

Hey Everyone! Life is busy (like crazy busy) around here. We have lots of families and friends in town still from Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon and otherwise for the wedding yesterday. I can say that everyone has made this one of the best days of my life. I am amazed at what can happen, all because two people can fall in love like this.

My husband, Adam is an amazing man. He is caring, loving, playful, friendly and open hearted. He is also out of clean clothes, since I've lacked the time to do laundry- which is why I must be quick here! lol. I've always loved photographing him, he's got a suave, James Dean side to him, and darn --- he's sexy!

Our families are all absolutely amazing. I didn't get to touch my own camera for more than 30 seconds yesterday, because my good friend; Karen was so happy to play photographer and make sure there wasn't a moment that wasn't caught. Also, in the morning- while us girls were having mimosas and hanging out, my older brother (who really needs to propose so we can have another wedding, and I love his girlfriend!) ran around taking pictures because there was so much going on I couldn't go see!

We did the traditional, staying apart the night before the wedding and I got to sleep over at Kim's house- Horse Head Quarters. Karen and Ann (my brother, Danny's girlfriend) stayed with me most of the night, and Ann and I swung up to my house to print the last minute itinerary and pick up stuff. Night before the wedding bedtime : roughly 2 am. Worth the exhaustion? Totally!

The day was amazing, wild, and crazy. It was the most FABULOUS day of my life-- and I have so many people to thank for this! Beth, over at her blog (here) has been way too busy to blog- because she's had Zoe for the last two days! She is AMAZING :: we all need to thank her great husband, Scott for taking care of her and the children last night, because she sure had fun last night, and by fun-- I mean LOTS of booze! :-)

I should be able to go over our photographer (real one!) in about two weeks....

So, before my parade of photos---- I need to mention that unless otherwise stated:: I TOOK NONE OF THEM! They are all done by Karen King and/or Danny Cort.

By Karen:: Reception Eyes...
By Karen King:: reception boots.

My little girl and her daddyWedding dress & boots Above, my outfit AFTER the dress came off! Thank you Tracy- for picking an adorable cotton dress to go with my boots!

Above, Karen caught an awesome teary moment with my daddy. Girls, no matter their age always need their daddies.
Above, Adam & Momma Chris
Above :: Me and Daddy Don

I get THIS ^^^^ for the rest of my life! YAY!

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Catherine Marie said...

Congrats! Great pictures! Looks like y'all had a blast!