Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Cat is IN the bag.

While over at my maid of honors house this morning, figuring out exactly how we want the centerpieces at the wedding to look like, I used a big burlap sack to carry in the branches and horseshoes. I tossed it onto the floor, and soon found Sesame, their cat playing in the bag with all the branches still in it. We made them out to look like this, and I really like how simple they are. The horseshoes are real, and actually from horses hooves, used and still covered in mud (that I REALLY need to scrape off before giving them as favors). A farrier friend from the barn, gave them to me to use as our 'barn wedding' favors. A few girlfriends who couldn't make it to my bridal shower took me out for dinner, drinks and dessert last night at the Casino, and we had a blast. Ginny made me a really cute card that actually triggered my card-lifting for the one I made this morning for Nicole.

I brought Nicole a card just to thank her for all the work she's put into my wedding. I doubt it would end up nearly as great without her. She has gone above and beyond making sure I stay on top of things, and making sure that we actually get flowers, food and drinks! She has been super helpful with the who clothing aspect, and what not and I finally got all of the men in the wedding (all 6 of them!) their shirts ordered from JCPenney's today. You can see them here. They are Concord Green, and Adam and my Dad will have shirts that are a similar style but some patterning on them.
I just love how this card turned out! I haven't ever really thought about doing paper piecing on cards, but I think I will be hooked! Also, the buttons, I sewed onto the flowers, which I cut ising the Accent Essentials Cartridge, and then pop dotted them on. I drew the 'stems' with a black gelly roll pen, and the paper is PTI & Abbey Road.

Enjoy! I may have some more posting to do tomorrow. I am thinking that I may order the My Pink Stamper Punny-licious stamp set in the next day or two. I have chosen to order from Hallmark Scrapbooks this time, I've ordered from Custom Crops a few times before and my stuff NEVER gets shipped faster than 7-10 days after I order, and then it has to get here! So, I'm hoping I'll have better luck with Hallmark.

Have a good night!



Lauren B. said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the wedding! I love your card - great colors! (I agree with you about Hallmark vs. Custom Crops - let me know if you think the shipping is better.) TFS!

beth said...

Dawn - I know you are super busy with the wedding and all, but if you get a chance can you sign us up for the walk and rock? It wont let me sign up by mailing in a check. Remind me to give you some $ when I see you next. Also, would you be willing to "teach" a class at the church on cardmaking -just one or two? Probably an evening or a weekend. Let me know what you think when things quiet down for you.

Dawn said...

Beth-- I Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a class at the church! Also, I will sign you up right now, and get the email set up as yours, so that you can control the account. :-)

I totally agree Lauren! I'm glad I'm not the only person totally irritated by Custom Crops!