Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Day :: In Photos

Today was BUSY! Busy for everyone! Today I had planned to meet with my mom, stepdad, uncle and cousins for breakfast in Snohomish, and then head to the barn and get cracking on getting the field where I plan to marry the love of my life in seven days. We got SOOOO much done, it's more just waiting now to see the grass grow and cut it again at the end of the week.

Of course, I did some photos of the flowers in the garden (I was weeding at the same time, so technically still working!)

I LOVE peonys and this photo has NO extreme editing done, except adjusting the fill light, and adding my information. I just LOVE being out in the sunshine. I know it's a common thing to say that sunny and bright days make for harsh photos, but sometimes, I can't help but disagree!
Zoe spent the day over with our friends, Beth, James and Baby Maddy. James and Zoe are exactly 11 months, 3 weeks apart. His birthday is October 14th 2006-- she is October 7th 2007. Silly thing is, when she was one week old (to the day) we were over at the barn Beth was managing for James' first birthday party! Beth thought I was nuts, I thought I needed to get out! She and James had a BLAST! Beth is like the worlds craftiest, smartest and most resourceful person. To top it off, she has a heart of gold. She also has a blog. I'm sure she won't mind you peeking around. It's not updated all that often (with two little ones, a home farm and work to be done... do we blame her?! Not one bit!) but they are wonderful photos added and information when she gets a chance to!

After picking Zoe up, we headed over to J&S RC in Smokey Point/Marysville to watch daddy do some RC'ing.

Adorable girl I have! Beth and I joke that 'Zoe and James are betrothed' the next part of the joke is that we'll gladly pay for the wedding, if they pay for all the counseling their children will need. lol. (I guess you might have to know us, and our kids to get that one). Of course :: she ended up FILTHY & eating candy. Surprise, surprise- right?
It was a great day, and I can't wait to hit the hay! Right about now, Adam is in watching TV in bed, Sophie is asleep in her kennel and Zoe is in bed 'watching' her movie (also known as sleeping). I hope everyone had as amazing of a day as I did. I just got a few more thank you notes made and written out for wedding gifts that have arrived in the past few days. I am one sleepy girl!

These are what the cards I am sending out this batch look like::

And--- Goodnight!

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