Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day... and Zoe and I have some funfetti pancakes cooking while I type, I'm getting ready to start the bacon and eggs, as well as whip out the father's day presents. Did I mention, part of Father's Day is that Adam gets to sleep in? So, he's not awake just yet. I didn't do anything too crafty for Father's Day. My dad is getting the card from this post.

Adam's card (above) was made by Zoe at Michael's yesterday during their make and take. I decided to forgo a fancy made by mommy card this year, since Zoe is getting old enough to help out! She was so happy with the card she made.

Since we had Zoe- I have always done a framed photo of the kids for Father's Day.

When Zoe was 7 months old, in 2008 it looked like this:

After we had Knox in 2009- I decided that instead of fighting to get both kids looking at me, and in the same photo - I'd do two. So I printed little things, Zoe's said 'I love you daddy!' and Knox's said 'I love you too!'. He was (obviously) too young to hold it, so I laid him next to it and did the photo that way. So, this was 2009's Father's Day Photos.

Ever since Knox died; this photo has been a favorite of almost everyone. Most people look at his photos, and think 'I love you buddy, or we miss you' and it's so nice to see his little respone, of 'I love you too!'

And- this is the one I chose for this year. It was just taken during the wedding about a week ago! He is getting that from Zoe, and the Itunes gift card from me! :-)

Happy Father's Day to all the daddys in the world!

and Above, is the photo of me and my dad that he will get tonight at dinner!


ScrappingStephanie said...
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ScrappingStephanie said...

How super sweet Dawn. All of the pictures are so adorable. The one of your son is so precious. Have a wonderful day:).

Hugs, Stephanie

Lauren B. said...

Hope you and your family had a relaxing Father's Day. When you get a chance pop over to my blog...I have two awards for you!