Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Bridesmaid Example Bouquet, and some horsie photos!

So today, on my way home I swung through the flower stand (roadside!) and talked to the owner about doing our wedding flowers, we discussed away and this is what our bridesmaid bouquets will look similar to.

I love the country look of wildflowers. Since it will be a barn wedding, out in the country- I wanted the bouquets to look like they were freshly picked from the property or surrounding area. Turns out, they actually ARE! The owner of the shop, is doing our whole wedding for less than $50 bucks! Amazing, and they actually came straight from her garden. For the fillers, she actually uses fresh mint, along with other greens and it makes them smell oh-so-good after being handled.

These are some photos I took a few weeks ago of the horses, and hadn't really gotten to share yet.

This is Cooper (above) is he got great movement and just always loves the camera.

(above) this is Latte, our dun mustang mare (12 yr old) enjoying her day. Just before I had my camera in hand, Jett was laying next to her and they were nuzzling and looked all cozy and cuddled up in the sunshine, of course by the time I got my camera, led another set of horses out and got around to taking the photos he had moved.

(above) this is Spirit.
(above) this is Cutter, can you tell I LOVE black and white?

Above here is Mikey, the most beautiful Fresian in all the land! He has the personality of a little boy, who is so curious and friendly! Just love that guy!

Above here is old man Major. Clearly, since he got a new mommy- he is in his prime and LOVING being able to retire in the tummy ticklin' grass!

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