Friday, June 4, 2010

I didn't win, and got 2nd... but to celebrate- I'll show a new card!

So, over on Papercraft Star, I didn't win- I got 2nd. I was beaten in the last few seconds by one vote! Congrats Caroline! Thanks to everyone who voted, I know I was probably really annoying bugging everyone and spreading with word to vote for me! I appreciate it!

As I was letting Adam use the computer tonight (on the condition that he would continue to pimp the site out to everyone he talked to (on his RC forums) he got lots of guys to check it out and vote. I was pleasantly surprised that the guys seemed to think we were all very talented! Good job ladies!

I made this card, for my 'almost' nephew, Keelan. His birthday party is on Sunday, and I am going to go out and get him a set of Legos also, because he said that was what he 'really, really' wanted. I had to pry and pry to get him to tell me what he actually wanted (and not having a little boy that age and only being around little girls makes it really hard to pick something out!)

A boy appropriate card should be easy enough, right? Instead of making it real manly- I went with something more whimsical. Which is what I am notorious for doing!

I didn't think he'd catch the pun, although I might be surprised and maybe catch a snicker out of him. (I believe he's turning 7-- I'm a horrid 'almost' aunt when I don't even know how old he is turning, I know).

I cut the Sparrow in blue @ 5" from my Indie Arts Cartridge. The blackout cut was made in white- and the shadow in gray.

For the base of the card, and sturdy bottom for the patterned paper, I used Kraft Color Cardstock, and a Uhu Glue stick (check out my previous video here about it) to adhere it to the cardstock.

I used a brad for the eye, and also as the piece to help spin the card front around, to see the inside. I made another card tonight as well. I'll get that one next.


Blue Cardstock (for main sparrow cut)

White Cardstock (for blackout cut, card top)

Gray Cardstock (for shadow cut, card top)

Kraft Cardstock (for shadow cut, card bottom)

Pattern Paper (to adhere over Kraft cardstock)

1 Brad (as the eye, and turning to open device)

white and black gelly roll pens for detailing

printer for sentiment

All cuts were made @ 5".

My next card, was actually made in the last few minutes of the Papercraft Star Voting, and I was thinking it would be a nice 'stick it up for the winner' card. I don't do any sort of digital papercrafting- so this was nicer!

I used my Old West Cartridge for the star, it is the 6 key, in icon mode, with the shift button on.

I am really liking the stitching with gelly pens right now, they def. add a little something to the cards. The orange string is from Making Memories, but I'm sure embroidery floss would do just fine also. Recipe:

Kraft Cardstock (for base)

Brown ink for the aged look

Printer for Sentiment

Black and White Gelly Roll Pens

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Catherine Marie said...

I love your card! Excellent job! Colors are fabulous!