Sunday, June 27, 2010

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Hey Everyone!

So this week, I will be super swamped with getting ready for Maui!! Poor me, right?! Poor me or not, I've got so much to get done before we can fly out! I don't want to leave you guys with nothing to look at, and no inspiration... so I've decided to whip out one of my favorite, but least used stamps and see what I can create with it.

My goal this week, is to use the same stamp for each project but make 5 items each different 'things'. Cards, Layouts, Mini-Books or Notebooks, I may dable in it all, and you'll get to see the outcome!

This is the stamp I will use.... It is from the $1 bin @ Joannes, and was out a few months back.
Hopefully, you have it (if you are like me, and see anything in the dollar bin, that could remotely make something cute... you should already have it. Along with my paper addiction, I am also addicted to the $1 clear stamps) ... but, being that most people are rational and don't randomly buy stamps everytime they walk into Joanne's, Michaels or the other stores... it can be purchased here.
So, starting tomorrow... I will get the first project posted. It is ADORABLE if I do say so myself....
Also, the next stamp I'm going to use (like next week, or whenever I do this 5 projects in a week deal) will be this one. It is also a $1 stamp from Joannes, but just noticed it today, and think it's cute too!

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