Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Hi Everyone! I hope all is well!

I worked yesterday at the barn, and am headed out there this morning also! Tomorrow, I have to go shopping and pick up my clothes for my brothers wedding in Maui (seriously, slap on the wrist for me... I'm such a procrastinator with things like that!) I also have just about NO summer clothes, since I'm in Washington State and you never know what you're gonna get with the summers here. Last summer was about 75-90 degrees all summer long, and the summer before wasn't nearly as warm. So, since I'm headed to Maui, I have purchased a new swimsuit, a shirtdress, white tank top and white linen pants for the trip. Of course I have lots of Old Navy Flip Flops coming with too. lol. Adam got some new boxer briefs last week, so that may be what he ends up wearing the whole trip, since I don't think he has ANY summer clothes that fit either!

If you see a blonde in filthy (once) white clothes, with pink flip flops, holding hands with some guy bare foot in boxer briefs in Maui- that's us. Please excuse our laziness!

Alright, enough rambling... you've been waiting for THIS:

For this day, I decided to make an Altered Notebook. I used a plain Mead 80 page spiral notebook. I believe the size I used was 5"X7". The first thing I did, was use my corner rounder, and rounded the edges on the opening side of the book. I also did this with all 80 ruled pages (no worries here, since the pages are much thinner than normal cardstock, I could snip quite a few at a time.)

I then adhered patterned paper (yep, the same pattern from yesterday) over the cover, leaving the spine of the book open, so it didn't interfere with the opening and closing of the notebook. I also used the remnant of the ribbon from yesterday to wrap around the cover, and tie it for some detail. I used my Distress Ink in Fired Brick, to add some color to the bottom half of the cover, as well as all the edges when the book is closed. It will make the pages look nice when they are pulled out.

Then, as promised- I adhered the featured stamp to the center, top half of the cover with a pop dot. I used the same coloring as yesterdays. You can see the details on that by visiting yesterday's blog post.

I hope you enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions!!

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sweet craf-tea chick said...

cute project dawn! love that paper and your stamp!
how exciting! too bad i can't be in maui too.
have a great wednesday!
*hugs* steph :)