Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Pink Stamper, Challenge #2 Getting Scrappy

National Scrapbook Day was yesterday, and to celebrate over at My Pink Stamper, the wonderful Robyn, hosted an all day challenge. Ever hour, on the hour, she would post a new challenge. You were supposed to create something for the challenge, and try to do it in an hour!

I participated in most of the challenges, but did miss a few of the first ones, since we took a drive out to Reiter Road, in Gold Bar to look at terrain for an RC trip Adam is planning for him and his fellow RC'ers.

This card is for the Gettin' Scrappy Challenge. It could have worked for 'outside the box also' since I rarely layer this much or do any stitching, but I used all scraps (which isn't all that tough, since I probably have as many scraps as I do whole sheets of paper.) I also am keep it organized very precisely, if I do say so myself. I'll do another post on my organization of paper. It acually works pretty well for me.

I hope you enjoy the card, I had fun making it today!

I had Zoe with me most of the day yesterday, when Adam got the 'day off' to spend hanging out with the boys and building an RC track at a friend house, and then also spending time at the track helping the guys to get their new (used) cars running. Today, he took Zoe with him to the track this morning, so I could nap which I did. Then when I woke up I headed over to the track to play with Zoe and hang out with some friends, and one's girlfriend. We had a good time in the rain!

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