Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday's Projects

Generally, Saturdays are our family days. We usually eat waffles for breakfast, lounge around the house and watch kid movies or TV most of the day if it's yucky out, or play in the front yard when it's nice out. Yesterday was especially nice!

First thing, Adam washed the cars and Zoe wanted to help so once she got her shoes on, off she went!
She felt the need to find every toy that 'Sophers' or our little dog, Sophie had drug outside and throw it back into the house.

We played in the front yard, with the neighbor's grandson, Jackson who is just adorable, it's funny for me to see since he's just a little older than Knox would be, the kind of things that my little boy would be doing if he were here.

Of course, they are both adorable, and had a blast in the 'playground' of our big front lawn that was set up with a maze of tunnels, tubes and forts as well as a pop up car.

They had LOTS of fun playing together!

I got the chance to swing by Joanne's on my way home from the RC Track, since we also spent the afternoon there, and got the DCWV Flower Shower Spring Pack (which I already have, but paid just about full price for) on clearance for $8.97!! Now I have two packs of this paper, but a total score! Plus, I love it and have already used all three sheets of many patterns in it. Also.... (drumroll, please) my Peachy Keen Stamps showed up! They have lightning shipping, because I just ordered them Wednesday I believe.

So, I got to spend my evening, once bedtime came (which was a little early thanks to her lack of napping most days now). I did a few things with my new stamps.

I love how the full layouts ended up! I had the 'cloud' layout (if you could call it that, since it was at a lighthouse) already made up, but added the stamping to give the clouds their faces.

Also for the balloon layout, it was her second birthday and her blowing out the candles, I used their faces as well.

Of course, I also did a layout, without and Peachy Keen Faces, but it was cute too! Also a birthday layout but her licking the spatula of frosting, the day I made her cake. I love how it turned out.

My Bridal Shower is today, since we're getting married June 12th, so I have got to get my butt in gear, to get my extra nap in(heehee) before I need to do my hair, get dressed and head out to my moms. I hope to have some photos to share of that too later!

Have an AWESOME Sunday!



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Kristina H said...

Looks like you had a great day in the yard. Zoe is so adorable!!
I hope you had a great time at your shower!