Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Packaged card set

I am a member of the Mothers & More of South Snohomish County, chapter 147. I'm also the membership coordinator. We are having our chapter meeting tonight, about Reconnecting with Yourself. I get to bring a good friend of mine with me!! Yay!

I also decided to make a little packet of cards, to take with and donate into the prizes if we end up doing raffles or anything like that. I've never been to a chapter meeting (in two years) that was at The Rock and not had drawings, raffles and games. So, I'm thinking they'll fit in well.

Here are a few photos of them, all put together and in the little cello bag I used. I had this one holding some cling mount foam, but pulled it out and with one small fold, the cards fit great.

I will probably be buying some from soon enough! I def. need to find some way to package them up, as I plan on being in a craft bazzaar towards the end of the year at a friend's church!

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