Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wanna Crop? Yesterday's goodies and projects!

Yesterday, I attended the crop that Elisa put on. It was in Arlington, so a little ways from home (like 25 minutes) but it was a blast! Other than packing just about my whole freakin' scraproom, and then having the frantic 'expressions, or create?' decision to make (I chose to bring my create) then realized I wished I'd brought my expressions.

Anywhoo! I was so busy having fun, that I didn't take even one photo! I brought my video camera, and digital camera, in hopes of catching some of the fun, but never got around to it!

The food was good, the prizes were great and the company was even better! I was so excited that during the raffle, I won a Purple Cow Freestyle Cutting Mouse which I played with yesterday there, and LOVE LOVE LOVE it already!I also won a chipboard book, which I chose to embellish and decorate while I was there. It turned out really cute as well!

My Once Upon a Princess Cartridge was due to show up yesterday in the mail, but I didn't want to sit at home waiting for the mail, so I decided to head out and lucky for me, soineone else had it so I got to play with it there.

There were a few stores there also, Scrapville, from Snohomish Station was there for most of the morning and I got this really cool ribbon/fringe holder for all my ribbon scraps and pieces. I got it all put together today and already love it.

Here are a few of the other pages I got done also.

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Kristina H said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and it looks like you got a lot accomplished!!

Thanks for sharing!

p.s. Happy Mother's Day