Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Once Upon A Princess... up and on the wall!

I shared this post late last night, once I finished my wall hanging from Once Upon A Princess.

I know I said I would get it up on her wall today, and as I said- she saw it and then literally drug me to her room to hang it up!

Because, really- somedays you just feel like a princess!


Lauren B. said...

Your princesses turned out so super cute! (Aren't they fun to make???) I am very impressed that your daughter let you just put them up on the wall - Nicole wants to play with the princesses. :)

dddcort said...

Zoe is totally at the stage of showing everything off! She runs around screaming 'mommy made dat!' to anyone who will listen! lol, it's cute!

The Judges of Papercraft Star said...

This is such a cute and clever project! Don't forget to tell your friends and followers to go to Papercraft Star and vote for their favorites!

Caroline said...

wow that looks like a lot of work. you did a great job.