Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review Time: Creative Memories (my first time using their stuff)

With this review going on over at Scrapbook Reviews, which is a favorite of mine to get ligitimate reviews before I buy things, I saw this review on Creative Memories this a.m. which convieniently I had splurged on and purchased a paper pack from them last weekend.

I purchased the 12X12 Beautiful Day Additions Kit for $9. I didn't really pay any attention to what came in it, assuming that is was $9 and chalked full of papers. Had I read the package, I would have known what it came with- but I didn't so that was completely my fault! The heavyweight cardboard to protect the papers tricked me! I was dissapointed to find out that it only included four (4) sheets of double sided paper (light weight, but beautiful patterns!) 8 double sided photo mats (5X7 I believe) and two sheets of stickers. The 'title' stickers were more of accent stickers in my opinion. But- the 'epoxy-like' (as CM describes them) stickers were good. They were a good, heavy quality and I did have to peel a couple off and restick them, since I hadn't placed them perfectly. There was no chance in H-E- double hockey sticks I was getting the 'title' stickers off once they were stuck on, especially on their paper. Maybe, on heavier, or textured paper (like DCWV textured paper) I would have possibly stood a chance, but not using their products exclusively.

One thing I did fall in love with, actually I fell into an infatuation with it- was the Corner Maker. I used it on the Princess and the Pea Layout I did while cropping and I loved how smooth the cut was. It took basically no pressure at all, caught all the scraps/trimmings and is actually a fairly decent price. At $9.00 I would buy this. I will be getting one, and using the awesome Creative Memories consultant that was there to do so. Karen Smith was our Consultant at the crop, and she brought lots of goodies to look at and let us use. I really appreciate how great she was about sharing her tools! I probably won't be getting anymore paper from Creative Memories, I do think the price point was much too high for what I got, but I did like the patterns, which tempts me to spend too much on paper just to get more. Lucky for my logical brain, the set I fell in love with is limited edition, and I doubt I could get more without hunting (and my wallet *and fiance* will thank me for not going on that hunt). You can see I used it on the photo, and the 4 (ha) mats I have under it.

They have lots of adhesive options, which is great, but as we were using their Precision Point Adhesive which was $6 per pen. I noticed it was almost identical to my Zig 2 Way Glue Pen with the fine tip. I paid a whoppin' $2 for each of my Zigs, not on sale or anything special- so I can't seem to think that their could be better for $4 more! The link to the Zigs, I found them online for $2.24 per pen. I actually prefer the chisel tip, but I think I shoot through those much faster, maybe because of the larger tip. Those are only $2.50 each at my local Walmart (the link if for the top Zig pen, and at Walmart I buy the third one (chisel tip) down.)

I also used their Tape Runner, while doing the make and take, and I liked that when the adhesive 'tape' goes down it is in little strips so you never have to worry about not getting a clean edge. Again, the price is the killer part. At $8 for the runner, and 34 feet of adhesive, it breaks down to about .24 cents a foot, which really isn't affordable, especially if you're an adhesive junkie like me. I have my ATG Gun, that cost me roughly $43 dollars, and I bought 6 rolls of tape with it, for a total of $15.24. The gun, plus shipping and tape was $75 dollar-ish. Which breaks down (including the cost of the gun!) to only $.11 cents a foot! Remember too, that is INCLUDING the ATG Gun itself! I didn't go with Gold Tape, which would have ended up more expensive, but really I'm not all that concerned with the acid free (I know, tisk tisk, right?). Next time I order tape I will get it through the Tape Depot, and go with an off name tape, to save a few more pennies. For 12 rolls, or 1296 FEET of tape, it will be $23 bucks. Did you know that works out to less than $.02 cents per foot!?! Amazing, right? I know, I'm a nut.

I hope you enjoy my review, and please- let me know your thoughts on their products too! I always love to learn about new stuff!


Lauren B. said...

Great info! Your breakdown of adhesives per foot was awesome. :) Maybe I will have to break down and by an ATG gun after all. I have been holding out, but now that I started scrapbooking - I am really going through the double-stick tape a lot faster. Maybe the price per foot will help sway the hubby.

dddcort said...

I'm probably more of a reviewer at heart. I'm really tough to come across something I love love love, but honestly- it's the best investment EVER! I was shooting through like three of the mono refills a week, which is like $15 a week in adhesive! I hate liquid glues also, the only bearable glue to me is Scotch Quick Dry, and I'd still rather use my ATG if I can!